Should the American public be so outraged at Zimmerman's acquittal?

  • Zimmerman is a murderer.

    People wonder why other people are
    so mad that George Zimmerman was acquitted.
    I think that the American public should be outraged that George
    Zimmerman wasn’t convicted. This gives
    every wannabe vigilante in the country a green light to murder children of
    color. Now they know that they can just
    use the stand your ground defense and be found innocent.

  • Racial witch hunt invented by media to keep up ratings

    As with any polarizing issue, people have simply chosen the side that fits in with their demographic profile, i.E. Liberals on the Martin side, conservatives on the Zimmerman side. In other words, people have chosen their stances based purely on bias. Unless a person attended the entire court proceeding, there is not enough public information given to have a strong, credible opinion as to which of the two men were at fault. No matter which side you're on, ask your self how you have more information than the guy next to you. Or, what do you know that the rest of the country doesn't. If you are deciding your stance based strictly on the hype of the media, either side, then shame on you. The media exists to capture viewers and readers, so they can sell ads and make money. They present their stories in the manner which best caters to their audience. And I also see the usual pick-and-choose when it comes to pertinent facts surrounding the case. Biased arguments tend to be based on some facts from one side, but equally important facts from the opposing side are dismissed.

    I personally don't know who was at fault, or who was the aggressor. How could I know? I wasn't there. The only way I could side one way or the other would be to dismiss critical thinking and give in to personal bias. If you have a strong opinion of the verdict, ask yourself how you came by that opinion. If you don't see bias, look again.

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