Should the American public boycott college sports until greater standards of education arise?

  • Encourages other students to watch games

    Having sports teams are bad to students in many ways. First of all, it creates an unnecessary social system, when the point of college is to let students learn, and get ready for a good job. Then, the sports games distract students. Most students watch games, instead of studying. Sports teams are useless, along with all physical sports. There are few jobs for sports, and there are many other ways to have fun, and exercise. Colleges think that sports are part of "well-rounded", but don't video games count too? Both are fun, and involve teamwork. Clearly, sports is overrated, and just an excuse to goof off.

  • That is an option

    It definitely would have the biggest impact on universities. That is where most of their revenue comes from, besides the ridiculous amounts of tuition they charge. Some colleges would not have to worry that much because their sports programs never bring in that much money anyway. This would be more for the giants who also charge insane amounts of money for an education.

  • Yes, college sports are a costly distraction

    A boycott of college sports might lead colleges to put more
    money into education and less into recreation. Sports are great exercise, but
    watching college games does not encourage anyone to exercise, except when they stand
    up to cheer. The original purpose of college sports was to encourage students
    to exercise, but that purpose has been lost. Now college athletics are a
    big-bucks pursuit of trophies and championships won by athletes who themselves often
    earn no degree. By all means boycott.

  • A solid idea

    America has, unfortunately, always valued sport over education, but it's a very solid idea to boycott sports to really show how important education is. Education needs to be improved ten fold. Not only are the people graduating with four year degrees stupider than they've ever been, but the cost of tuition continues rising.

  • College students are not at fault

    Statistics generally show that college athletes have better grades than most college students. Therefore it doesn't seem right to blame the sporting events for the failures of individuals. The correct measure would be for the individual faiiling athletic students to face sanctions or suspensions from the team until their grades are in order.

  • Not at all

    The American public should not boycott college sports because college sports is part of education.Some Students excel in sports others do so in academics also we have some students who are good in both.Its up to the school board to determine what amount of time should be allocated to which.

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