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  • Why on earth should it be limited

    It takes one bullet to end a person or creatures life. Limiting the amount a person can buy is not going to alter a persons mindset or actions, all it will do is upset the people who don't abuse their right to bear arms. Stick to the constitution people, it was created with all good intentions

  • No, I don't think that the amount of bullets you buy should be limited

    I don't think that the amount of bullets you buy should be limited because people actually sometimes buy bullets to store them and let them appreciate in value. Some bullet types can be an investment for some. It doesn't always mean that when a person is buying a big amount of bullets that they are going hunting or shooting at all.

  • Limiting bullets would accomplish nothing

    Limiting the amount of purchased bullets would only serve as a hindrance to gun owners. It wouldn't stop or prevent anything. Bullets are still deadly regardless of how many a person has. A murder can still happen whether a person has 5 bullets or 10 bullets. Also, during mass shootings, a gunman typically doesn't have enough time to use all of the ammo he is carrying, so limiting his ammo would not have prevented any deaths. Reducing the amount of ammo purchased would not stop the true problem: an abundance of guns and mental instability.

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