• What's really going on

    Celebrities are people who are just doing their job by acting. They get paid an immense amount of money, more than people that actually save lives. Reporting about them on the news with a huge cover story about the smallest thing that they do makes no sense when there are other more important issues going on. I can see some sense in reporting when there is a sudden death, James Gandolfini, Cory Monteith, Whitney Huston, Michael Jackson, and so many other celebrities who died unexpectedly, but the slightest thing like seeing Brad Pitt at Starbucks can wait. There are just too many things going on in the government and elsewhere to go into details about the life of a celebrity.

  • Ofcourse, poor celebrities

    The celebrities right to privacy, is more important than our right to knowledge about them. Today we care far to much about who did what. Instead of what realy matters. I can bet that most of you don't know that about every three seconds an african child dies, estimating at around 28800 every day

  • Less Soldier - Less War

    May be they could be used as test subjects for medical and scientific research. May be for Controlled Artificial Human Evolution. To develop Perfect Human being. Genetic Selection. Take no offense, but I value knowledge more than human life. If there was not moral barriers on science, we would have intergalactic transportation.

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