• Not while we have serial murderers

    There is no moral justification for testing on animals while we have prisons with criminals that have commited heinous acts. Think this is barbaric? Well, thanks for making my point for me. If it's too cruel for the absolute worst of our society then clearly it is for any animal.

    Secondly, some of the experiment's they perform on these animals fit exactly into the mad scientist archetype so that alone should speak a lot of the ethicality of this.

    And thirdly, lets not forget that most animals probably aren't dying for the cure for cancer, most of them are probably dying for stupid petty nonsense like so the hundred millionth update to a shampoo stops having your eyes sting when you accidentally get some in your eye.

    And finally, if we run out of serial raping murderers I'm sure that we've always got plenty of republicans.

  • Animal testing only ruins animal's life

    92% of animal testing were failed and it cant prove anything. Animal also have a right and the animal testing make human become arrogant that we always think that we were in the top of food chain. In genesis 1, god give us a responsible to take care and became a leader of other creature, but nowadays, we aren't take care, but only became a killer to the other creature

  • Stick to The Facts

    William Harvey once said "Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote." And although this fact is clouded with humor, we can see some truth in it.
    To start off, let me say that I'm not for animals suffering. I believe that we should minimize their suffering as much as possible by putting restrictions, especially for silly things like cosmetics.
    But I'm on the NO side because animal testing actually saves lives. Medicines for diseases are now tested on animals because they are sometimes risky to try on humans. And it has been observed that when a medicine hasn't been fully tested on a living creature, this actually has in the past led to human deaths.
    Everyone has their own opinions but I believe that human life is above other creatures. I respect all other creatures, and in fact, I am against animal abuse, but lets think of a hypothetical situation. If you see a car coming, and you can either save your sibling or an animal, what would you choose? Some of you may not choose at all, but others would most likely choose the human, and that how human behavior works.

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