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  • No, the US has proven irresponsible when it comes to resource extraction

    The arctic is a fragile region and needs to be protected. US resource extraction based corporations have proven time and time again to be irresponsible and dangerous when it comes to resource extraction. For example the recent BP oil disaster on the Gulf Coast, or Chevron’s recent gas fracking disaster which poisoned the water across PA. The US cannot be trusted to effectively and safely extract resources and therefore should stay out of the arctic.

  • No, it should not be tinkered with

    Its a very valuable piece of the globe. Who knows what tinkering with it can do to the environment. I think it would be a serious issue if we started harvesting natural resources in a place that has so much impact on the global environment. If we don't think global warming is a real thing, we could find out and ruin the planet by messing with the Arctic.

  • No, I don't think so.

    The arctic region is one of the more pristine areas of earth left, and for any nation to start tinkering around or tampering with it would not be good. We are trying to improve our world and environment, and to exploit the arctic would be nightmarish in the long run.

  • Existence of creature's life.

    Regardless of the fact that a lot of people may have in arctic region of the world that ever where is snow and icy and no human life exists there; might be true, but it is not a hundred percent fact. AS a matter of fact there are many kinds of creatures like *polar bears,* Seals, arctic foxes and some other kind of animals live there that they belong to that kind of life. Now, regardless of animal's life some kind of humans like *Eskimo* live there that belong to that kind of life style. By exploiting Arctic not only the habitat will be destroyed but also by melting arctic ice the water level of the world will be increased which will cause imbalances in world.

  • The Arctic Region belongs to no one.

    The arctic could actually classify as just a frozen portion of the oceans. Antarctica does have a land mass that could potentially be claimed as property. Standing on a patch of ice, no matter how big, does not a landmass make. The arctic should be treated the same as international waters.

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