• Yes, because of broadened cognitive behavior and broader ways of learning and opening perspective.

    School is supposed to stimulate the full brain and not just half of it. It also helps in cognitive behavior and broadens the way of learning. With using both sides of the brains, it helps to connect through different areas of learning.
    1) music is math: we need math to help develop further in sciences
    2) art is perspective: therefor a huge part of critical thinking for real world situations that are taught in literature, word problems in mathematics, also in learning how to see things that would not be normally to them
    3) drama class: helps also in perspective, to put yourself in ones shoes allows for further cooperation, where is useful in the learning process between student to teacher, student to student relationships
    These are among many reasons to teach Arts in school.

  • Teaching art in schools is an avenue for children to find their passion, appreciation, and grow to a sense of interest in art.

    Many parent may not have the reaources to take their children to private art classes. Now art is a luxury and not an area of need to grow as productive citizen. Art should be a requiredment just like the other core courses to have productive citizens we must teach them to appreciate art. How are they going to appreciate or miss something they have never been thought to them. We can not miss something you have never had.

  • The arts should be taught in school.

    The arts should be taught because not everyone excels in or enjoys the basic classes that they are forced to take, such as math and english. Some people are very talented in other topics, such as dance, art, or singing. They should be allowed to focus their learning on one of those topics.

  • Can you teach color "Yellow" to a kid in words not by showing example. Everyone sees "Yellow" differently

    Terms "School" and "Creativity" are actually opposite.
    School is a place where instruction is given in a particular discipline and creativity is a mental characteristic that allows a person to think outside of the box, which results in innovative or different approaches to a particular task. For e.G.
    School teach you A is for Apple. When artist child can sees it as Apple for A.
    School educate students for human Industries. While artist can work totally independent.
    Every subject has formula for problems. While Art has independent approach to problems. You can school students about paint and brushes but artist are not restricted to material.

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