Should the arts (music, drama, dance and visual art) be taught at school?

  • Music and dancing help their education too!

    Music and dancing after school many kids want to dancing in a group and some kids want play music after school and that find kids can do those thing by teacher helping them with the dancing lesson and some teacher can give kids music lesson to it help their and education and their future.

  • I is important!

    According what some of you guys said, I know some hates drama, but it can help you a lot!Like if someone kidnaps us, we can escape if we learn dramas. So learn drama is good to us because it is very fun. Thanks for reading my words. Please agree me.

  • Schools should defintley teach the arts!

    Fine arts are important in any life. For example, in Drama Class, a student might learn about improve, which teaches people to think on their feet. In the real world, if you are being interviewed for a job, this would come in handy. Drama also gives kids the chance to practice their public speaking skills. When the student get to high school, college, and even middle school, they are going to need to give oral presenations. How can we expect them to do that if no one has given them the skills to? Drama class helps kids be more comfortable with performing in front of a group. Art class is important because it gives kids a chance to be creative. Most art teachers do NOT grade on how artistic you are but the effort you put into your project. Lastly, music is important because if they play an instrument, it can help to create hand eye cordination.

  • As Long As It's Not Forced

    I've always supported situations in which the individual has the ultimate choice. In this instance, my big qualm is that many degree plans in colleges and high school REQUIRE it. If the Arts were not required electives and only the students who wanted to take it did, schools could save money and students could save time. I graduated an entire year early in high school by focusing on my core subjects in high school and avoiding as many electives as possible.

  • Music And Drama Helped Me They May Help You Too!

    Music and drama has helped me through life! Music keeps me calm and focused when studying for a test or for my homework. Drama has helped me see what I want in my future career. I'm currently becoming an actress, I have many producers emailing me asking if I'd like to be in their movies/shows. And I owe it all to the first drama class I ever took. <3

  • We need it

    I think we should have visual arts taught at school because it helps kids express who they are. And they are just kids what harm could they get into with dancing? It helps them make friends and its not like they will get brain washed, dance is a talent every kid has so don't ruin it for them.

  • Arts help express and help make friends

    Theater and band and orchestra are all very easy to help express who you are and makes you socialize. When I was in the play I made a whole family of friends where everyone was supportive and loving and cared for not only me but each other we all helped each other through stage fright and through our memory blocks. I am still friends with them from years ago as we relive our fond memories.

  • Glee clubs should be a required class

    Music has helped me through life. During the toughest times of my life, singing and dancing has helped me, well, let's just say not kill myself. I think if kids are going through horrible times in their life, maybe glee club, or music class can help them express themselves in a healthy, non-violent way. I should know!

  • It is great exercise

    On a website I found called, “http://www.Astepaboveacademy.Net/5-reasons-why-dance-should-be taught-in-schools/“ Shannon, who is a dance teacher wrote this,”Here are 5 reasons why dance should be taught in schools, First and foremost: exercise. Dance can be a great form of physical activity for people of all ages. As a teen, there is no way you would’ve gotten me into a gym to run on a treadmill or lift weights. I stayed in shape because of dance, plain and simple.” I like Shannon’s comment on how dance is a great source of exercise. Ever since I started dancing in school, I feel like I am in much better shape and I have been much healthier.

  • Creativity is why

    They should be taught at school because they provide some way to use creativity and they teach and enhance critical thinking and other areas of the brain not usually used as much. School is a repeating cycle of memorizing, test, forget, memorize, test, forget. Arts offer way more variety than an average common core subject.

  • Most kids hate it, and it does not help in life.

    These subjects can be learned by the few kids that care, out of school. They make most kids feel bad, they waste time, and they often teach nothing. Maybe they would in high school, but you would be able to choose these classes there. You learn nothing from these classes in grades under high school. You need Math, Literacy, and some other knowledge that will help you in life, but not how to dance, play a piece of plastic called a recorder, or draw fruit to live your life.

  • Music is unimportant

    Students don't need music in their lives its not a must it uses slang words which spoils the childrens grammar and vocabulary. It takes time off their studies and teaches them bad language music is also bad for health children stick headphones in their ears which causes health problems some may not use headphones but they put the music really loud. Which is very bad

  • No need of all this

    A PERSON IS ALWAYS KNOWN FOR HIS/HER EDUCATION. If a person is good in science he can become a scientist but if a person is too bad in academics and good at art , dance he won't be known for all this . Some people are the best artist,dancers but if they won't be able to talk in front of people in English then what ? If a person doesn't know the body parts , muscles , how will he be able to dance . An accident can happen if we move the wrong muscle. If a person looses his legs and he is a dancer how will he be able to dance . If he is not educated then life becomes a waste

  • Expressive arts should be banned !

    Look how many people are bad at English and they need to improve it. Look how many people who are good at art then to who are good at Maths. There are lots more people. Expressive arts should be banned, it is way to much to pay for all those equipments. If the child himself has enough money to buy an instrument why not a home teacher. We need to know more of Scince Maths and English because that will ACTUALLY help in life. Most people try and put their career to be a professional artist or dancer or singer. But look, there are just way to many. Also besides that, I would like to point out the amount of money you will get if you work as an artist. Think, not a lot right ? However, if you know Maths Science and English those subjects can help you create a future job. Or a company. You will also be able to get more money and then when you eventually grow up you will be able to feed your family and give your kids the best of education. MATHS, SCIENCE AND ENGLISH !!!!

  • There isn't enough real life skills

    Music, drama, dance and visual arts are more of an interest and not skills that will tackle real everyday life struggles that students need to survive when they become young adults. There needs to be more math, reading and life skills like managing finances, budgeting money and how to manage a household taught in schools. There are too many illiterate students graduating high school and too many dropping out. Some think that they will be able to survive on a career in music, acting and dancing but the one's that are lucky enough to get that break are very few. Life skills, reading and math are needed by everyone, everyday.

  • Money for supplies

    Many instruments and art supplies are very expensive. When starting to buy them, the price might be so high that many people can't afford it at all. Probably, if students had to be assigned to buy their own instrument and art supplies, then that person will lose lots of money.

  • Should not matter

    Arts isn't something that everyone would need in life because some people would never even get close to the arts in the career they are going for. Also most people that learn Arts are for people that think they have the talent for it unlike being a lawyer, Doctor, And or a CEO of an companies


    I remember when I was younger...
    It was straight up embarrassing to do that ****.
    I was only in 5-6 grade and we had to do so much work.... Just to do a short dramatic play about anti-bullying. Yes, it's important not to bully students but I'm sure EVERYONE KNOWS THIS ALREADY!! How many plays about bullying are there?! We had to cut out signs and decorate...Ugh! I mean, nobody really wanted to do it I guess. "I'll just go cause Joshua is going! Everything is better when Joshua is there!" I mean, that's kinda why people came there. There were a few others but I would rather not sing in front of my teachers/students. I don't think I sing bad but it's embarrassing enough. 20 people staring at you like you're an animal in a zoo. Plus, you can do all those other things as hobbies. It's not hard. We should be learning math, science, etc 1st then we can learn the less important stuff later. What is music going to do for me when I'm trying to take my TEST? I'm not trying to remember D D D F F F C F C F D D D when I had ALREADY STUDIED and knew all the answers! If only I could remember what I had studied. All I can remember are those piano notes. So that's my opinion.

  • Completely useless subjects

    Ok first of all, this is coming from a kid in grade 7, I'm going to start off with drama. For me I think drama is the worst. It's completely useless and i hate to say it but it does not benefit me educationally or in any other way possible. The teachers say it's supposed to be a fun subject, that's a complete lie. It's fun for maybe 5% of the class, but for the rest of us it's really just complete embarrassment. It's a complete waste of my time and I think that no kid should have to endure that. If someone would like to do drama, you can take special classes, I refuse to be evaluated on something so utterly useless I can't even describe it. I think that art and music are both the same as drama, just a complete waste of my life that I could be spending learning things I will actually use in my everyday life.I think that subjects like math,science,English etc. Should definitely be included because I will definitely use all 3 of those subjects throughout my life. So if any teacher see's my message all I can say is please, don't put your students through this. It's just so stressing and it's just more work for these kids to do not to mention it's just another thing I have to worry about, at some point you must also consider what may be going on in your students everyday lives, most of us just simply don't have time for this.Please consider this message, this is a message on behalf of 90% of the kids who must go through this.

  • It should not

    Nd it's not always because they just don't like it. Most of my friends can't do things like art, music, and drama, and are embarrassed to do it. Now I would call that child abuse. Forcing a child to do something they can't do and then failing them and telling them they can't graduate high school or college just because they couldn't do what was forced on them. And don't misinterpret this, they tried, but because they weren't good in that subject, they failed the class, which results in them failing high school and college( if their in college) Personally, I'd be just fine if I could pick it as a subject, not a requirement.

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johnsonbalke says2013-10-08T05:35:24.867
It is important that students are taught and made proficient in different forms of art and social work and studies primarily because it helps them in exploring their talents in an effective manner and can develop their future in the right direction http://www.Woodbridgeuniversity.Com/schools/social-services/