• Yes they should

    Turner field is getting older. The braves need a new home, and maybe it will attract more fans. When they do go forward with Cobb County Stadium (i think that is what it is going to be called), they could increase the seating, and therefore increase profit and the revenue. /rant

  • Because I like turner field

    Because people made memories at Turner Field. It might of been their first baseball games. And if they leave then Turner Field will be destroyed. I think it should be turned into a museum of Atlanta Braves baseball players. The road is even named after one of the Atlanta Braves baseball players

  • No, Turner Field is popular.

    No, the Atlanta Braves should not leave Turner Field because the historic ballparks are the most popular ones. The Red Sox play in an historical park that no one would consider changing. So do the Cubs. If the Braves want the same kind of longevity, they need to allow their park to become historic.

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