Should the Atlanta Hawks suspend forward Josh Smith?

  • Yes, I trust that the coach has the team's best interest at heart

    While we have no exact ideas as to why Josh Smith was suspended, the idea that he did something "detrimental to the team" implies that he is being punished for some offense during or outside of practice that the team takes very seriously. I've worked academically with athletes, and I know that this is one method coaches use to keep their players in line, even in the toughest of situations. Players want to play no matter what, so taking that chance away from them is the surest way to keep them under control. I trust that the suspension was in the best interest for the team.

  • Yes.

    The Hawks did what they needed to do in order to maintain their public image. Smith was out of line with his actions on the court, and that was not something that the Atlanta Hawks could accept. Anything else was out of the question, and Smith's loss of temper and yielding to his frustrations were not okay.

  • No

    There has been no report of what Smith has done in the first place to even miss a game. They said he left practice, but at some point, I'm sure other players have been asked to leave practice. He is their best player and if they have playoff aspirations, they are going to need him

  • Smith Should Not Have Been Suspended

    The Atlanta Hawks should not have suspended Josh Smith. They did not even give a good explanation why he was suspended. Smith's actions on the court were out of frustration, and it was understandable. He team is not that good and he showed frustrations when getting a technical foul. He did nothing to deserve a suspension.

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