Should the Authorization for Use of Military Force Be Repealed?

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  • No, sometimes force is necessary.

    No, the Authorization for Use of Military Force should not be repealed, because sometimes force is a necessary evil. If people will die or be oppressed because of the actions of a person or group, it is important to stop those acts. On the other hand, it is good that the Congress needs to declare war, because that prevents the president from having unfettered power.

  • Whether the authorization for use of military force should be repealed depends on which authorization being addressed.

    There is no blanket policy for authorizing military force. In other words, an order of authorization in one geographic area does not constitute an order in another area. It is, therefore, almost impossible to answer this question without understanding the context. If the question is meant to question the right to have a military in general, that is Constitutionally protected.

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