Should the average health information technology salary be higher?

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  • A Young Field

    I do not believe the average health information technology salary should be higher. People who enter this field need to understand that they are entering it to be a benefit to society, not a drain for profits. People should not enter the health field as a way to become rich or profit off of society.

  • It's what it's worth.

    No, the average health information technology salary should not be higher, because the people who work in this field are doing a job that is semi-skilled labor. A person of average intelligence who is trained can do this job. It is not something that requires a special ability or a lot of risk.

  • Let the market dtermine salaries

    The free market should determine all salaries. If health information technology salaries should be higher, than the market will drive them higher. If they are not worth a higher salary, than salaried will remain the same. It would be nice if everyone could get a raise, but that is not economically feasible.

  • No, it should be what the market sets it at.

    Salary depends on supply and demand, like every other facet of the market. When the field first started, salary was high. Few workers could pick and choose the jobs they wanted. As this need was addressed, and more workers went to school for HIT, wages came down. As more workers complete school, the wage will fall more. The salary is exactly where it should be. If someone is willing to take the job, it pays enough.

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