• Reality Shows Are Not Reality

    Once and for all, viewers need to keep in mind that reality shows are not indicative of reality. There is nothing wrong with going after television viewers and ratings if people are going to keep watching. The drunk contestant is there to be on television, not to find true love. The rest of the contestants, and especially the Bachelor himself, are in it for the same thing. Of course he kept the drunk contestant. Drunk equals ratings!

  • Being Drunk is Unacceptable

    Being intoxicated in a situation where one's actions are being observed by millions on TV is a very poor choice for anyone. Loosing control is a way of bringing failure and self degradation home. Reactions on the part of others as a response to that behavior are to be expected.

  • Of course he should.

    The Bachelor is a game/reality show. The contestants and The Bachelor, Chris, are entitled to live their lives as they choose. A contestant being intoxicated at the moment of the rose ceremony has no bearing on the reasons why Chris decided to give the rose to the contestant. Furthermore, it does no good to judge people what are essentially playing a role.

  • Of course not.

    That is so ridiculous they way she acted on the first night of being there! If she did it once she probably has many other problems than just that. Some people say it is because everyone is a little tense and nervous, but you know what? Everyone is going through the same exact thing as her. I guess if Chris really saw something in her before she got wasted, then fine , whatever.

  • The New Downside To Drinking: How happy hour can harm your relationship

    Public intoxication is the first sign of many additional troubles. In a marriage, sobriety is needed to be able to properly work on problems when they arise. You don't need additional problems, such as alcoholism. Also, problems with alcohol can easily lead to problems in the home, considering that abuse of alcohol leads to aggression and depression. So no, Chris should have not given that drunk contestant a rose and instead should have offered help.

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