• Yes, the Bachlorette should continue to be a show on tv.

    Television is entertainment, and people are entertained by different things. Just because I don't personally see the value in the Bachlorette doesn't mean that no one else likes it. The competition for the bachlorette on the show's affections isn't hurting anyone, so who is to say that the show should not remain on the air?

  • Yes, the Bachlorette should continue to be a show on TV.

    Yes, the Bachlorette should continue to air on TV because it provides entertainment for viewers. The show offers suspense, drama and often a comical relief to the hard news publicized. This type of entertainment offers people insight into the world of dating and relationships, too, while prompting many of the contestants into instant stardom.

  • Sets a bad example of what a healthy, real relationship should be like.

    The Bachelorette and Bachelor shows are nothing but garbage. I always find it very hard to believe that the star of each season, typically a good looking, young person with a likable personality and a desire for commitment, has experienced difficulty in finding a worthy partner on their own. How can they be sure that the people who are chosen to try to win over their heart are in it for the right reasons, especially when the show's producers always get a big kick out of throwing several weirdos into the mix of fairly decent contestants? I get it, dating can be challenging and daunting, however I can't help but pick up a feeling of insincerity going on between all the people on the show, from start to finish. How do you truly connect with someone when you're surrounded by cameras, set crew and not to mention dozens of other men or women on the same mission as you? This cannot possibly be a good way to begin a relationship with another person, so unnatural and forced. I hope they stop airing this show, as entertaining as it may be, dating is and will always be best in a private, intentional manner.

  • No, The Bachelorette should not continue to be a show on tv

    No, The Bachelorette should not continue to be a show on tv. This show has aired for too long already. Shows like The Bachelor were the first of the reality tv shows however these shows have gotten better. No one wants to see a woman choose from a number of dates anymore.

  • The Bachlorette should be cancelled

    The Bachlorette should be cancelled. It is a dull show. In addition, the show's content is offensive, particularly to women. It implies that women merely want to meet a man and get married. The show also takes the most intimate moments and makes it public. In the interest of decency, people should not watch and the show should be taken off the air.

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