Should the Bahamas warn its citizens to use caution around American police?

  • definitely, lives are at stake

    The Bahamas should definitely warn its citizens of the dangers in our country. It is a pervasive issue that affects primarily the black population and being that the Bahamas is predominantly of African descent they should be made aware of the dangers that affect them once their feet touch this soil.

  • Yes, Caution Bahaman Citizens On Proper Behavior Around American Police

    Everyone should know the proper behavior when interacting with American police officers, or any nationality police officers. If the normal practice in your country is to not cooperate with police or to run with police, than yes, people need to be educated on the correct behavior. If you are from the Bahamas and visiting the United States you should be aware of the rules and customs of the country. If you are following the laws of the United States, you shuld not even have to worry about an interaction with the police.

  • Yes, the Bahamas is right to warn its citizens to use caution around American police.

    Yes, the Bahamian government should warn its citizens to be cautious around American police. The majority of Bahamians are black, and when they visit the U.S., they may not understand all of the types of expectations law enforcement officers have when officers stop people. This cultural difference could result in the police interpreting behavior incorrectly and then using excessive force in response.

  • No, they should not warn citizens

    The idea of warning citizens especially against police is a foolish thing that will only incite malicious thoughts and deeds against the police system. Suggesting that police are especially vile and that one must take extra caution against them will create more animosity, cause more violence, and just bring about more hurting on this planet.

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