Should the Baltimore mayor be removed from office?

Asked by: TwistingStorm
  • She should be removed from office.

    She is clearly in over her head. Sitting on the city council, and being President of it for 6 months, does not prepare one to run a city of 600,000.
    She clearly thought that allowing the rioters to blow off steam and destroy property would ultimately deescalate the situation- not sure what would lead her to believe that given the recent riots around the country. It was a naïve calculation that directly contributed to the destruction- she needs to be held accountable for it.

  • I think the Baltimore mayor should be removed from office.

    One of the main reasons why Baltimore has gotten out of control was due to the mayors lack of leadership. She activity let the thugs and looters do their thing in hopes they would just go away. As you can see the coincidences of what is happening in the city due to this choice.

    Because of her decisions police officers lives are in danger and businesses mostly liquor and pharmaceutical companies being looted and burned down. This has gotten so out of control we needed to cal in the National Guard. This is why I firmly believe she should be removed from office.

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