Should the ban of indoor smoking in privately owned establishments be up to the owner (Yes) or the government (No) ?

Asked by: randomguy1191
  • The business should decide, not the goverment

    If the public views smoking negatively, then the choices business owners make will most likely reflect that.

    But if the owner of a bar, restaurant or casino wants to allow smoking, then they should be able to, it's their establishment. Don't like it? Then don't go to that place and instead support similar places that are smoke free. If enough people prefer smoke free places then they will rise and the smoker friendly places will go under. That's the beauty of choice and the power of the people. No one is forcing you to enter a smoke filled bar, restaurant, etc.

  • Fire Safety Laws

    Cigarettes cause more fires than heaters, electronic devices, or cooking disasters. If the fire department deems there is a hazard that has the potential of starting a fire, you can be evicted out of the property (not sure if any of this applies to all states though. Just know this cause my aunt was given a certain amount of time to clean out her basement because it was declared a fire hazard).

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