Should the band 'My Chemical Romance' get back together?

  • They should it's better if they do.

    I think the band 'My Chemical Romance' was the best band ever made.They should really get back together as it was the band which kinda inspired me...But seriously they should really get back together.As far as i know twenty one pilots is not gonna back so why not bring the best back.

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  • Alternative music is no longer relent. And they weren't even a relevant alternative band.

    Also: Their singer is better at making comic books than he is at making records. Doom Patrol and Umbrella Academy are great. He won an Eisner for the latter - that's like an Oscar for comics. My Chemical Romance won some NME and Kerrang awards, whatever those are.

    Netflix has also adapted Umbrella Academy for TV - it's set to premier this year. The singer is well into a successful second act as a burgeoning media mogul a la Robert Kirkman. He has a good thing going on.

    Putting the band back together would probably be a big step backwards for him, personally, artistically and professionally. It would also mean getting back into a lifestyle in which he struggled with serious drugs and alcohol problems.

    Plus it looks like the other guys have moved on too, with Reggie and the Full Effect and other projects.

    Bottom line: The world doesn't need My Chemical Romance to get back together, and neither do the guys who were in My Chemical Romance.

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