Should the Bank of England put Jane Austen on its 10-pound note?

  • Popular Author Still Sells Books

    Jane Austen is one of Britain's most popular authors, even though she lived in Edwardian times of excess by the upper classes in England. Austen deserves a spot in modern England on the 10-pound note because she still influences novelists and moviemakers today, 300 years after her birth. Austen was the first romance novelist in England and the first of many to come.

  • England has far more worthy people to put on the 10-pound note

    I don't believe that someone who was not political should be put on any currency. Those without political connections are remembered in other ways, in the case of Jane Austen, she is remembered by her books. Instead an important political or military figure, who would be otherwise forgotten should be put on the 10-pound note, even if less recognizable.

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