• yes they must

    Yes the bank of japan must continue to expand it is stimulus programs because the goal of the program cannot be achieve if they will stop it now and worse i think their economic problem will just going to the bottom so they must continue it until it will bear fruits.

  • Yes, the Bank of Japan should expand its stimulus program.

    Yes, I think the Bank of Japan should continue to expand its stimulus program. Given the circumstances as we come out of the global recession, stimulus programs like the one funded by the Bank of Japan have been a much needed source of relief for many families. Many small businesses also rely on stimulus programs, so the Bank of Japan should expand theirs.

  • No, it should start being phased out.

    The Bank of Japan's stimulus program has provided important support for the country's economy. However, the Bank of Japan is beginning to run out of money, so plans to scale back and eventually halt the stimulus should be considered. The program shouldn't stop all at once, as doing so would be a shock to the economy, but be phased out gradually, sooner rather than later.

  • Less Bank Stimulus More Consumption

    In these slow economy, on the verge of deflation, times more bank stimulus are not the magic pill to cure the illness. Intensifying consumption - mainly consumer and also business - is seen a better solution for grim economies. Relaxed taxation on new capital investments, tax allowances for broader part of the population are just a few of the tools that can be used to stimulate growth.

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