• Detention without due process makes a mockery of our principles.

    Guantanamo bay should have never been opened. A lot of things happened post 9/11 that we should be ashamed of in retrospect, but the fact that an extrajudicial prison is still holding human beings indefinitely without trial, is simply monstrous. It erodes the moral fiber of our nation that it exists, and will forever be a blot on our honor.

  • Yes, I think the base at Guantanamo Bay should be closed.

    I think that Guantanamo Bay has given America a bad reputation overall after the reports of the treatment of prisoners there had leaked to the global media, I think either substantial reforms need to be made or Guantanamo Bay in general should be closed down and the prisoners moved to a more legal and humane facility.

  • Closing Gitmo is A danger to the Safety of the United States

    If the base at Gitmo is closed, it AUTOMATICALLY gets returned to Cuba. This will result in the ability of ANY terrorist group to launch an attack on the United States homeland which is a mere 300 miles away. Despite Obama's claims that Cuba is no longer a terrorist threat to the United States, he is inherently wrong. The Russians are very influential in Cuba. Iran is helping Venezuela to mine Uranium. Since Iran has the knowledge to build a nuclear device, the danger to the United States is grave. Launching from Cuba enables any terrorist entity to launch any weapon on the United States. It is sheer stupidity and lunacy to close this base.

  • Keep it open.

    I really don't think we need to close the military base we have in Cuba. Guantanamo Bay exists as a thorn in the side of the Communists of that island nation. It's a potent reminder for them that they are on the doorstep of the United States, and we will respond to any aggression.

  • Guantanamo is just a symbol

    Closing the base at Quantanamo will not solve anything. It will be one less prison in a slew of prisons closed. Guantanamo prison should not be closed just for posterity. The cost of such a closure not only impacts our economy by increasing spending to relocate the prisoners in Guantanamo somewhere else, but it leaves the military exposed for escape attempts and targeted assassinations.

  • No Guantanamo Bay should not be closed.

    I do not believe that Guantanamo Bay should be closed. I think that the installation still serves a purpose. It is a useful base for the United States of America to keep prisoners of war at. Plus it's a good way to imprison prisoners without them being on the mainland of America.

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