• Charging a "TV license" fee is wrong.

    In the UK in order to own a TV you must pay a "tv license" fee. This money goes towards funding the bbc. It is illegal to have a tv without a "tv license" and if caught you will be fined. Ireland also charges TV license to fund it's bbc equivaliant RTE.

    The United states doesn't have any government owned "license" funded TV channel.

  • Very biased news

    Why should the public have to pay to put up with an organisations own biased arguments they are supposed to remain impartial,which they dont they only broadcast there own side of an argument in good light and and say all other opinions are the extreme rar right and racist, propaganda is the most powerful tool of modern times, the public should wake upppppppp!

  • No more words

    Awful newspeak trying to pave the way for the new government of nothing, the last way rolled into a couple of middle-eastern states and lost the popular vote. Not sure what to do with their favourite party's leader and his 'Good Jew/bad Jew' opinions. And he might win the election!

  • The Lefty Organisation

    The BBC is far to left wing, made up of ex University students who really have had no real life work experience. The BBC has its own views, targets and agenda, gets it's news broadcasters to hype up the UK/ EU news to wind up the general population. Their news is becoming tiresome and really becoming untruthful . Perhaps a new name : " The British Bullshit Company", would not go amiss. Time to Privatise this old out of date subsidised state funded company and make it answerable to the share holders.

  • Not value for money

    Why should I have to pay for the BBC if i don't think i'm getting my monies worth. For any other paid service, Sky, netflix, now tv this is how they operate, customers don't like the service they wouldn't pay. If the BBC had to make attractive programming to continue operating I suspect they would.

  • State propaganda machine

    The argument for the BBC being funded by the license payer has always been that it gives it the edge and can be impartial rather then holding biased views. This has quite clearly not happened in the case of the EU referendum in which we have seen the BBC become a state propaganda machine focusing on positive issues for the EU rather then focusing on the facts and missing several stories from the news that could have swayed voters to the leave side of the argument.

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  • The BBC is biased towards socialist views.

    The BBC News has promoted socialist views in recent times along with seemingly being the mouthpiece of the Guardian. For example, it tries to make out that everyone in the UK supports the Junior Doctors Strike and yet I do not know a single person who supports this strike. In addition, I believe that public service broadcasting is out-of-date and also, the BBC are producing too much awful programs like Strictly Come Dancing.

  • Don't get my value with it

    I like Top Gear, football, and Attenborough documentaries. The news is very good as well. Other than that I watch bugger all on it. All the money spent on rubbish soap operas like Eastenders, talent shows like Strictly Come Dancing, and reality shows. BBC is generally the best channel on British TV but considering the money is simply not worth it. If they showed less reality shows, less talent shows,and less soao operas for more sport coverage, more documentaries, and more good dramas then I wouldn't mind so much.

    The Jimmy Savile scandal is also a reason why I don't like paying for it.

  • Government-Run Media Isn't Impartial

    In the United States, the government can't own a media company because the press will suddenly have a political agenda. The BBC should be privatized to make it more of a viable media organization so the United Kingdom can focus more taxpayer resources on more important issues such as poverty and homlessess in Britain.

  • It's ad free

    It's the British HBO, which also costs money so by privatizing it it would become a channel with advertisements like every other UK channel or it's content would deprecate due to lower profits from TV providers taking the revenue to have premium TV. Here's 3 words. And here's 4 more.

  • The government shoud have it right to speak directly to the population

    It is a democratic way of the government explain his actions and/or provide a content that may be not profitable or wanted by other companies, and besides, privatised network medias represents the insterests of it owners, so is a key to democracy and freedom that we get information from all sides, not worrying about where it comes from, but the content and what represents

  • No, unless it is costing them too much.

    BBC is a great channel, I know a lot of Americans who watch it and enjoy it quite a bit. I like it a lot more than most the channels I get here naturally, so I do not feel like it should privatised, they could lose a lot of viewers, not sure if the viewers from other countries help or not though.

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