Should the BCS system be scrapped for a typical playoff system in college football?

  • LSU is the best team in the SEC..

    LSU is the best team in the SEC. It's time for them to get their chance to go to the National Championship and WIN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! This new playoff system will give other teams a chance to go to. Yea you usually see Alabama in it, but you see what happen, every good team has foes their foes.

  • Yes, the BCS system should be scrapped for a typical playoff system in college football

    The BCS system should be scrapped for a typical playoff system in college football because the system does work well. They should use the playoff system where the matches are more straightforward and more fair. They should change the BCS system as soon as possible because a change will make people want to watch the games.

  • A Step in the Right Direction

    Ideally, their four-team playoff solution is a start at best. As the BCS level is somewhat convoluted right now, they need to replace it with an eight-team playoff, featuring the winners of the three biggest conferences in college football: The Pac-12, SEC, and Big Ten, possibly teams from other conferences such as the ACC, Big 12, and Big East as well, and other teams calculated in a similar means as to now. An eight-team bracket will produce seven games, with four being December 26th, two being January 1st, and the championship being the Monday following (at least four days after). At the same time, they should at least keep 20 other bowl games, in total reducing the number of postseason games, but still allowing more schools to have postseason appearances to increase their revenue. There are too many meaningless bowl games in today's college football, as too many 7-5 and even 6-6 teams are making it. Any team with an eight-win season should make a bowl game. Solely having an eight-team playoff and no bowl games would be unfair, as Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, USC, etc. would all be perennial contenders for a repetitive playoff, and it would kill college football. What is the point in only having eight of about 128 teams make the postseason? That's 1 out of every 16, and would be the equivalent of having the Super Bowl teams decided by whomever had the best record in each the NFC and AFC at the end of the regular season. It doesn't make sense, especially when the same teams would contend every year and fans of those that are never contenders would lose interest completely. Therefore, let the top eight teams play on the national stage, but have 40 other deserving teams play for something, too - and get ticket revenue in the meantime. Keeping the fans happy is one thing. Having 35 or 36 bowl games is one thing, but having a smaller amount of teams is another. As Division 1 football has a twelve-game regular season (as opposed to ten in Division 3, which has playoffs), doing a 32-team bracket doesn't seem intuitive unless non-conference games are cut. That may be a necessary sacrifice later on. The four-game playoff they've initiated to replace the BCS bowls (which are the Rose Bowl Presented by Vizio, the Discover Orange Bowl, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, the Allstate Sugar Bowl, and the BCS Championship) makes sense. Hopefully, in time, they'll increase it to 8 teams, and then to 16 (with 16 other bowl games), and finally 32 (with 12 other "consolation" bowl games for teams that were close to making it). Having 32 of 128 teams in a playoff works. Having only four doesn't. They're at least starting in the right direction, and hopefully they continue to go that way.

  • Yes, go to a playoff system

    There will always be those old school purists who will want to hang on the bowl system as it is, but college football would be better served with a playoff sytem. It already is at every level except the FBS. Most bowl games are pointless and generate little interest by anyone. A playoff system will bring more excitement to the college football postseason.

  • A Playoff System is Needed

    College Football should really change from using the BCS to a playoff system. It would be more entertaining and eliminate any questions of who deserves to be in the National Championship Game. Also, there are too many irrelevant Bowl Games being played and there is no way to watch all of them.

  • Yes

    Yes I think that the BCS should use a play off system for the teams instead of the system they currently use. This one seems unfair and one sided. I know most college football would agree on switching to a play off system and hopefully it will happen in the next couple years.

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