Should The Best Little Girl In the World (Levenkron) be banned?

Asked by: halliethepanda
  • It shows girls the problems associated with starving themselves

    This book shows the effects of anorexia and teaches girls that you should talk to someone if you feel like you aren't getting enough attention or are thinking of starving yourself. It also shows all the problems that you don't see in magazine pages, like organs shutting down, hospitalization, etc. Also a very well written and gripping book.

  • This actually probobly actually happens.

    Ignorantly bliss isn't the way to go on this subject. As long as it is 9-12 is should be fine. 7 and 8 maybe but the problem is maturity. High-schoolers are exposed to an incredible amount of social shaping, and it is definatele so i would go yes but if they are mature then no.

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