• Trump University should be scrutinised.

    The Better Business Bureau have received multiple negative reports about Trump University and have previously given it a poor rating on their website, despite what Donald Trump has claimed during Republican debates. The volume of negative evaluations and allegations of fraud against Trump University are so much that it invites serious scrutiny. If the Better Business Bureau are in a position to investigate, then their intervention should be welcomed.

  • I think so

    I've only recently started looking at the whole Trump university thing, but it appears to me as though they should. Small sceme, people weren't pleased that they didn't get what they paid for. Grand scheme however some people had a lot riding on that only for it to fall through and potentially destroy theor last bit of credibility.

  • BBB should investigate Trump University

    The Better Business Bureau should investigate Trump University. There are allegations swirling about the university. These include a lawsuit from the New York State Attorney General, which filed a $40 million fraud suit against both Donald Trump and Trump University in 2013. The suit alleged the university defrauded more than 5,000 individuals. There are other class-action lawsuits filed by students.

  • The BBB needs to investigate where there is a complaint

    I think the Better Business Bureau should investigate every time there is a pattern of complaints for a company or organization. Especially when it comes down to matters of a possible future president of the United States, the B.B.B. should still keep the people's best interests in mind and investigate.

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