• Literal in science, history, narrative, but not in poetry.

    Look, people, when the Bible says that someone did something in a historical narrative, believe it. If it says that it is poetry or in parable form , take the message from the parable or poem literally. Historical artifacts have proven a great deal of the Bible time and time again. It has no contradictions, and I challenge someone to find me one. Plus it was written down by men from God, so it is perfect in every way.

  • Because some guy says so

    There are no less than several hundred blatant contradictions in the Bible (e.g. no one can see the face of God vs. I have seen the face of God). Just because the Bible is rife with contradictions, errors and inanities doesn't mean it is not the inspired word of God. It just means God is extremely inconsistent.

  • Ugh. Well I was going to say no, but after reading the "no's" I changed my mind.

    Th bible is 100% true!!!!! There are no contradictions. The Bible was written by man and inspired by God. That means there are no mistakes. Everything written in the Bible can be used to live a good lifestyle today. The people who think its out of date is wrong. At first glance it seems out of date, but trust me.. It's not. If you read "letter" by "letter", some things won't make sense, that's why I was planning on saying no. But if you interpret and actually think about the Bible and get the message, IT ALL MAKES SENSE! Christians on here, please do not make the name of Christians suffer, because you think "the BIble is so contradictory".

  • 100% FACT

    parables are real stories or examples that GOD uses to teach us a heavenly meaning. The bible should be taken literally GOD never contradicts himself at any point and time. His word is always true and it should be taken as 100% fact. If u find someone who is a true Christian and not someone who puts up a face, you would see how large of an impact GOD truly has. I have never been happier.

  • You are not Christian if you interpret it.

    2 Peter 1:20, "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation."

    You believe in the Bible. The Bible says that you should not interpret the words, but rather that they are pure. If you interpret and do not take it literally, then you are creating your own religion and live in a fantasy world.

  • Of course it should

    If it says it, why not assume it means it? This claim of figurative speech in the Bible is just used by those too lazy to logically examine its merits, or the riddles of the Bible. Rather than trying to figure out why the Bible says certain things, they just write off what they don't want to accept as figurative.

    Obviously some parts are parables or prophecies or visions, but it's generally easy to tell where these are. We've known for centuries which books are considered the "Minor Prophets" and "Major Prophets" and the Bible is pretty good about saying when a vision or dream is occurring. It's pretty obvious when Joseph or a Genesis figure is having a dream, for example, or when Jesus is telling a parable. And yes, some events serve as metaphors for later ones, for example Moses' life was used by God to imitate the later coming of Jesus in some ways. That doesn't mean Moses' life didn't occur, just that it served to demonstrate a later one.

    Ultimately, if the Bible presents it as real, one should accept it as real and take the Bible at face value. This claim the Bible shouldn't be taken literally is based on the presumption that the Bible is an untrue storybook by those with no trust in it, who assume it's wrong from the beginning without giving it a chance to prove itself in the first place.

  • The Bible should be taken literally. If the Bible says there is a Jonah there is a Jonah.

    2 Tim 3:16

    All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

    The Bible has many evidences that lend to its veracity and authenticity as "God-Breathed"; that it is 'Divine' rather than 'Human' in origin...In all its parts, including when God wants persons to include their thoughts, emotions and personal emotions. For example, when the apostle Paul says, "(I say, not the Lord)"...This is also God-Breathed or Inspired. God's active purpose - that is God has done nothing but reveal over and over in may ways that He superintended the writing down of His heart, mind and will utilizing the different personalities and writing styles of each writer....After all, this is the same God and person who said, "let their be light" and the worlds jumped into existence.

  • No Private Interpretation

    God tells us clearly that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.
    We can not assume Scripture means anything more that what it is telling us plainly.
    We can not try to interpret Scripture--we read Scripture and learn from it.
    If we are trying to interpret Scripture, we are in fact claiming to be smarter than God who gave us the Scriptures for our learning.

  • Yes, I believe everyone should follow the Bible more closely and literally, because there would be less problems in this world.

    The Bible should be followed, interpreted and incorporated into everyone's daily lives. If people started to follow scripture more closely, I feel that there would be less world problems, and more people being friends with one another. We have so many problems in the world, and some can be solved with religion.

    Posted by: BoundlessHomer49
  • As an Atheist, Christians should follow it to the "Letter"

    I find it amusing that Christians often don't read the Bible properly or choose chunks of the Bible to read but ignore the rest. To be consistent one should follow the Bible to the "LETTER" rather than making random interpretations based on your own emotional beliefs. If you want to be a Christian, then you should follow the Bible to the "letter". Isn't that the word from God? Did God ever say "Please don't take the Bible literally and please make your own interpretations."? So by default, Christians should follow it to the "letter" and seek to become more consistent with their beliefs. This is not an English class, your interpretation and critical thinking is not needed. As a Christian, you are here to follow whatever God wants you to do. You should believe in the absolute morality offered to you in the Bible. E.g. Homosexuality is a sin, punishable by death.

  • If the bible should be taken Literally then explain why its changed!

    I say no, the bible isn't meant to be read and taken literally. Not everything in there is "GODS" word, IT IS THE INTERPRETATION FROM EACH MAN OF WHAT OCCURED AND OR WHAT GOD SAID. So if this is written with interpretation, what do you think is going to happen now. We are talking millions of years ago and today's Christians are suppose to read it and live by it. Christians today also believe that he "GOD" AKA "YAHWEH" doesn't speak anymore. They are waiting for the next dimension to occur before they hear him. Are you nuts??? Listen to him today and now and follow what he is telling you today!! His Words speak louder than anything in today's world. I use this as example: it was a lovely Sunday afternoon and my son and I were headed to the race track approximately 3 hours away alone. Prior to us leaving and unknowingly to me, my husband placed my sons car seat in the middle of my car, and then at 12:19pm he text me to buckle up and be safe. He never does that. At 2:30pm I was in an auto accident. When he got to the hostipal he explained to me that our son is okay because of the measures he had taken due to a "WORD" he had received from Yahweh. He was told 2 days prior that our son would be taken from us. But he wasn't because of the way my husband positioned the car seat in my car. My son walked away with a smile and no marks. That is the power of YAHWEH. He doesn't want people to read the bible, he wants them to listen to him now in the flesh.
    The sad part today is that in the bible, it used to have YAHWEH name in the old Testament listed 6,519 times and due to interpretations and people not WANTING to offend anyone else, it has been removed and replaced with "LORD". How is that Fair? Truly read the bible and you will see and hear the conflicting stories of what actually happened.

  • No, I really don't think that it can be.

    It would be beneficial to all if it could be taken literally because a lot of confusion could be cleared up. But, the wording of the Bible itself suggests that it wasn't meant to be taken that way. That the Bible is not so straightforward. Yes, this leaves some part of the Bible open to interpretation, but I think that the basics are clear. Be good, do good and you will receive HIS blessings.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • Not a yes/no answer to that question!

    I believe in the Bible and it's message, but a lot of the Bible is History and testimonies of our forefathers and other biblical characters! People are much to quick to want to Interpret the Bible, and Interpretations belong to GOD. There is also a warning of corruption on the part of the forefathers, it would take two lifetimes to discover all the hidden meanings, I have found some, the knowledge was supposed to have been passed down, unfortunately it was not in a lot of cases. Being honest here. I have read in it and then been ashamed of some behavior I had done previously, because it was pointed out to my own conscience basically! We can have God without religion and a church, I just read that church. In the Greek I think it was. Means people! Most religion is where the corruption is, using our own Holy Book against us, or trying! Why can't it be read in a coming together of people without it being interpreted! I personally disagree with most of the religions on one point or another by what I have read myself, but I believe all faiths are trying to find the truth, just each has a different take on what each story read is, that is where the fellowship comes in, sharing discussing with no judgment, as soon as someone makes a commitment to a particular establishment, the discussions stop and there mind is converted to what that establishment interprets and then minds seem to get closed and the happy fellowship with any others outside that belief stops! We all have common sense to know what is obvious but some things are not so obvious as to be agreed upon so why impose your view on others as correct! Why fight over it, which is not love! There are many mysteries in the WORD, and may not corrupted, as I said THE LORD GOD is smarter and he would have known beforehand and hidden things. But our behavior is controllable. Sometimes with practice as I well know. I use it as a tool to better myself and as a warning of the consequences of bad behavior. A self-improvement tool. Some try to use it as a weapon against others. The command was to read in it and observe his word. We have an obligation to look out for each other and all the less fortunate in the world and not to behave in an unloving way toward each other, example, Nationalism is racism, and elitism, greed, covetousness, and these are the things being warned about, common sense. The Bible is a good reminder if you read it frequently. It also seems to me the witnesses are the ones in the Bible giving testimony. It seems to be a court case going on and we are to observe and take a warning. I believe, based on knowing how corrupt this system is, that yes it has most likely been tampered with, but GOD is smarter than man, his message is plain and simple do no harm and do good, we all know how to do that! We can speak out about the atrocities going on in this world and not be violent! To say there are no mistakes or corruptions would seem to be unwise, since it has been a fact that it has been changed many times and by some shady characters. I believe that originally it was correct; GOD is a spirit and gives us his spirit to know! Love is the way, if you don't have money to help anyone, you can give them a kind word or a smile!
    May The LORD have mercy on all of us.

  • If we took it literally, where would we be? It's ludicrous to think we should.

    If we took the Bible literally, we would not only regularly sacrifice animals, but we would sell our daughters into slavery and stone homosexuals in the streets. So much of it is irrelevant today and lost in infinite language translations that it is completely different from the original text. The Bible was also written by humanity, so it contains flaws and contradictions. The Bible's overall message is clear, but it's not a history or science textbook, so don't use it as such. Follow the one basic rule Jesus gave: Do unto others as you should have them do unto you. You'll be fine.

  • Depends on Religion

    I was born and raised a Catholic in Catholic school. In my study of theology, it was made clear to me that Catholics believe in interpreting Scripture by using the literary devices (such as source criticism, form criticism, etc.). However, people of different branches of Christianity (such as Lutheranism) may believe otherwise. For example, Catholics are supposed to take the story of Adam and Eve symbolically to an extent, whereas Lutherans take it literally (according to my Lutheran friend).

  • Incomplete interpretation

    When the psalmist writes, “I shall not be moved”, does he mean that literally? I don’t think so. The interpretation of the Bible should be through a contextual reading of it that is consistent with what the author intends to communicate. It does not mean we interpret it anyway we want.

  • WWJD?

    There are 4 levels of exegesis (critical explanation of a text) and the literal interpretation is the most basic and simplistic. To get to the meaning of what is written, one must delve deeper. Jesus taught in parables - was he simply recounting stories to be taken literally? No, he wanted people to reflect and think about the deeper meaning. In fact, the parables were most likely stories of events that never occurred. Recall that Jesus was a Jew and in His day they had a long history of NOT taking their holy writing literally as they sought to discern the deeper meaning behind them. If Jesus didn't take the scriptures literally -- and never asked anyone to -- then why would Christians today?

  • It's 2012

    There is no way that "an eye for an eye" should be taken literally. Homosexuality is, as it should be, becoming widely accepted. Being gay is not immoral. Two years ago, the state of Texas rewrote their textbooks and decided that Thomas Jefferson was not influential enough to be included in the curriculum, as he coined the term separation of church and state. According to the New York Times, "In recent years, board members [in Texas] have been locked in an ideological battle between a bloc of conservatives who question Darwin’s theory of evolution and believe the Founding Fathers were guided by Christian principles, and a handful of Democrats and moderate Republicans who have fought to preserve the teaching of Darwinism and the separation of church and state". UGH! it's 2012. I am a Christian, but was raised to treat all people equally. That may be in the Bible, but then again, the Bible is so contradictory, who knows?

  • In my opinion...

    I don't propose to be a biblical scholar, and I've never read the Bible from front to cover. I do consider myself to be a Christian. That being said, I may be wrong, but here's what I think... I feel the Bible is a collection of writings only "inspired" by God. I do not believe God said to any of the authors, "be sure to write this down word for word!" There are too many contradictions within. There is no way of validating every single claimed fact. The texts are written by "man"... and we all know that humans are flawed. The translations between languages can be varied or misinterpreted. Different religions over time have picked and chosen what to include or exclude. Now, I'm not saying that the Bible should not be read/used... it is a good tool for the purpose of learning morals and advice on how to lead a positive and decent life.

  • Why?

    Does literal interpretation of a false book that contradicts itself get you anywhere? No. You have to remember the Bible was written by humans as a holiness code for ancient society. Should something that is in the context and idiom of the ancient world be used centuries later? No. Religion is like an unreliable, lying person who no one trusts saying he found a black cat in a dark room.

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Anonymous says2013-04-25T07:21:28.617
Well you people that think you're so smart that you know that the bible should be taken literally because you think that the bible should be taken literally, please explain to me what you're going to do with the passage where it say, "Jacob tied his ass to a tree and walked 10 miles."
Quan says2013-06-13T19:07:39.257
Most of the Bible is obviously fictional.
grigoriorifiel says2013-08-21T19:42:52.193
I am a Gnostic Christian and I'm sure that in itself is going to get a considerable reaction aside from my comments here. The bible itself is literal and allegory at the same time. The reason most people do not understand this is because they get the information interpreted for them and never ascertain the meaning of what they read for themselves. There are also many in positions of power, both politically and religiously who want to control you and interpret it for their own means. Both of these have gone on century after century. The other reason people do not understand this goes back to the saying that if you have a fifth grade education, when you read a book you will only understand it at a fifth grade level. The bible itself also does give all of us the right to question everything including the bible itself. In fact it tells us to. 1 Thessalonians 5:21-22 "Test all things; hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil." This verse does not say test everything but your pastor, everything but the Pope, everything but this book; no it says test everything! The bible is a tiered riddle, on the surface it is ethical and moral training. Once you get past this it is an advanced outline of God, cosmology, nature, and human beings; and the connection between them. A prime example of this is the story of the life of Jesus the Christ, which by the way is also the story of Mithra. Holy week is December 21st - 25th. On December 21st the Sun enters the constellation called the cross in the southern hemisphere and is crucified, the day of the least light. December 22nd, 23rd, and 24th is the winter solstice and the sun is in the tomb of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights. On December 25th the sun leaves the solstice and is reborn, the sun is literally born on December 25th. This can also be applied to the Jewish Passover; Passover is at the point of the spring equinox and is when the sun moves into Aries (the lamb). This is why the lamb is sacrificed at Passover. This is when we passover from winter to spring (from Pisces to Aquarius). For those who say there is no contradiction in the bible I must submit that the replacement of the Passover with Easter is the biggest of contradictions and probably the greatest blasphemy by man in the name of religion. This is a big part of why many Gnostics reject the crucifixion. Other examples of contradiction include violations to the 2nd Commandment with symbols like the cross and the rosary, If you also realize that Jesus was not actually his name then we can also say we have violated the 3rd Commandment. Those who cannot see these as Idols and contradictions do so because of groomed denial. I have given a couple of basic examples of what I am talking about and I think any reasonable person can make the connections I have pointed out, I have not gone into how this connects us to God because that is not my purpose. It is each of us who must do the work ourselves. If I give you the findings of my research I am simply contributing to the wrongful practice of expecting you to accept the opinions of others. You must find your own path and not follow the ones pointed out for you!
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-04-15T22:16:37.587
"please explain to me what you're going to do with the passage where it say, "Jacob tied his ass to a tree and walked 10 miles."

Believe that he tied his donkey to a nearby tree and walked the remaining 10 miles to his destination?