Should the bible be put back into the school system?

  • Yes, absolutely crucial!

    Believe it or not, the bible is one of the most important references for historians today. Whoever would call me a "moron," I just proved them wrong. The bible is a good and crucial book to learn morals. It teaches self-discipline, helping others, faith, and reliability. The bible is more crucial then we think it is. I refer to the bible for advice and I'm doing very well right now, pretty smart too, others told me that. You can join a private school that's secularist if you're really opposed to this idea. This is crucial and significant upon our society and the future.

  • God is the most important part of everyones life

    No one can live without Jesus. And the Bible is God's holy word sent to us so that we might be saved from eternal damnation. With out God in our lives they are meaningless and dull. The Bible is the most important book in the entire universe and no child should be deprived of the oportunity to hear the gospel.

  • Yes.

    I don't mean that the Bible should suddenly become part of the curriculum and that everyone has a "Bible study" class or something, but I really think it needs a place in World History. In my old school, we learned about the Quran and Muhammad, and the pillars of Islam in World History, but we learned only a touch about the Bible and that was only in the context of the Reformation (pretty much, we had like two sentences that made vague allusion to the Bible being involved). Since it can easily be argued no one book was more influential throughout history, it definitely deserves at least one lesson sometime throughout your entire education.

  • Education is just for life, faith is for eternity

    The bible is a piece of our history and whether or not a student is religious it is a study of the history of the human race and how early people thought and lived.

  • Teach Children World Religions

    I think we would be far better off if we taught all of the religions in our school systems. I think it is important for people to have a knowledge of other religions, so I believe we should allow the Bible into school systems, as well as the Koran and other religious texts, like the Buddhist's sutras.

  • The Bible is important in understanding history

    The Bible is not just a religious book; it is one of the most incredible pieces of history text imaginable. The Bible teaches us how people lived and how people thought in early human times. It allows us to watch the way human civilization and morality developed from the first days on earth. It gives students a far better understanding of humans, our natures and how we came to be as we are today. The Bible is world history at its best.

  • Yes, The Bible should be put in schools

    The Bible is not just a book. Its the word of GOD. BIBLE stands Basic Information Before Leaving Earth! It’s nit just a book it’s has rules from God and that we must follow. The Ten Commandments are what we must follow like to not commit Adultery, Steal, Have no other Gods before him ETC.

  • The Bible is Non-fiction

    Archaeologist have found the ruins of Jericho, they've found horse chariots in the Red Sea, the list goes on and on. The genius who figured out what DNA was, wasn't a Christian, however, he stated that there is a creature as to make something this perfect, consistent, and complex. I can go on and on if you wish. People say that the kids would get bored, as an 8th grader I say as opposed to what? Math, reading, science? I get so tired in all of them. If we don't have to do classes that are boring what have I been doing wrong. Also as a final nail in the coffin, after God was removed from the classrooms in 1962, crime skyrocketed! I've got more evidence if you wish! Always at the ready to defend God and country!

  • When you take God away from our children, what comes to take His place?

    What is wrong with praying for each other? Honoring God who is the only giver of peace? We see guns, violence, promiscuity and worse in schools- our children being raised without God- without the Truth, are being ripped off and they deserve better. Society NEEDS Jesus and the children are the ones who suffer for the limiting of good.

  • Most beneficial book ever

    The Bible doesn't just have historical facts which works perfectly for history classes. It also give people hope. It shows them that life matter more then money and things. It guides and teaches people to love and respect one another. It shows people life on earth is just the beginning and that we must respect what God has blessed us with. It fills that empty feeling inside and gives people a purpose for living. It shows that life is a journey that isn't always easy and this is why we need to read the Bible. It helps us stay sane throughout the chaos of life. This is just a little bit of how powerful the words of the Bible can be and we will see a major difference in how we act. People will respect and love each other as if they were there own. We won't harm, cheat, or steal from each other. Judging each other will die down and life will be how it should be. Harmony and peace will be through out the lands and life will be more bearable. We need the Bible to come back to school because our children will benefit the most from it. Not saying that it's not important for the older ones, it is just as important, but we need to think of the new generation. When we pass away we need to know that the new generation will do what is right, not just for themselves, but for everyone and the Bible teaches that. So, I vote YES because it won't just benefit me or even just Christian. It will benefit everyone around those who believe that the teachings are true and again I say it will be more bearable for everyone. So, I ask you to vote YES, not just to bring back the Bible to the school. But to bring back hope and kindness to all. And thank you for voting YES to a better future.

  • No, just No

    The Bible has zero evidence, its outdated, and a complete waste of the paper used to print it. People hardly read the bible outside of school. Seriously. Did any of you people bother about God enough to read the entire book ? Its a book ! You dont grab little pieces and ignore the rest. You read it all ! If you are going to teach children about the love, faith and peace in that crappy book, you shoukd also teach all in it talking about rapd, incest, fornication, burning of people, genocide, slavery and massive destruction. Not to mention that God, the singke most powerful being in existance, needs a book to talk to us. Pathetic. Just pathetic.

  • The bible should not be brought into schools.

    Different people Beleive different things. I am a God beleiver, but the Bible shouldn't be forced on kids. Also, even I'd the Bible is given to young kids, that means it is unfair to all the other religions and their beleifs. Unless this is absolutely necessary to other religious beleif studies, it is very unfair.

  • It just wouldn't work.

    Freedom of religion.
    Kids would get bored and wouldn't pay attention as much if the bible was shoved down their throats every four or five minutes. I know I would be bored, even if I was a Christian. It just wastes time and prevents kids from getting any good work done.

  • No separation of church and state.

    No there is something called separation of church and state. Teaching the bible would be encouraging Christianity and breach that law. We need to encourage atheism or more eastern religions like Buddhism. Buddhists are agnostic and as such can not go on religious crusades over whose 'god' is the correct one. We have moved past the need for a God in our lives.

  • I wouldn't support that.

    This country was built on the solid foundation know as the Constitution. The First Amendment of The United States Constitution states that Church and State will be kept separate. In PUBLIC schools, which are funded by the state- and in the long run, the government- focus on on one religious text would completely demean the whole reason why the First Amendment was created. Freedom of religion is a guarantee in America and is one of the reasons so many people are eager to move here. By imposing one religion in public schools that are often diverse in cultures and ethnicities, you are basically depriving people of that right. Nobody is denying the right of a PRIVATE school to teach what they will but PUBLIC schools should not have the Bible imposed upon their pupils.

  • It is really simple

    Many people in AMerica are non-Chrisitian right now. There are Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists. How would they feel if they were sat in a classroom and told why this religion that they hardly know anything about is best and right and there was no room for nothing else? But, if these religions also had their texts instroduced into the school system, I think informing children about their religion is a great idea

  • There is more than just Christianity

    I am not a Christian, nor do I have any belief of that particular god and since I don't support this religion I can argue without being biased.
    If they were to put bibles back in schools they would have to place the Quran and other religious texts. If one religion is to be supported in schools then all must be supported.
    Also, the bible does not accurately portray the beginnings of human civilization not only because there were people who existed long before 'God' supposedly came to live.
    In my own personal opinion I should not have to learn about the bible unless it is relevant to what is being taught, if you don't support the religion you would be allowed to audit or leave the lesson or other religious materials are brought into schools as well.

  • In private schools only, in public schools, no.

    In private schools, it is okay, but in public schools, it is not due to the separation of church and state. Plus, by teaching it in schools, the school is like "we teach 'truth', not facts" and also is violating religious freedom until other holy books are also introduced (e.g. Quran) or it is removed.

  • No

    It cannot be forced upon a child to learn a religious text. Perhaps when they reach high school then all religions should be taught, not just Christianity. That way the child is free from early contamination of religious teachings, unless the parents force it upon them. But they can make an educated decision when they are of age to do so.

  • <---- That person is a moron

    No the Bible shouldnt be put into the school system, the Bible isnt based off of reality. The Bible is completely outdated when it comes to anything useful in terms of science and how things actually works, and people who do take everything in the bible seriously are more likely to end up becoming complete idiots.

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