Should the Bible be re-written and/or updated?

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  • There's that whole, farmers selling daughters as slaves.

    There's that whole, farmers selling daughters as slaves. Google it if you don't believe, but a father even thinking about selling his daughter as a slave now would be considered child abuse at the best. This kind of material, scattered throughout the bible doesn't belong in a book of prayer. The old testament is 2600 years old, and the new, 2000. There is a point to which both could use some updating.

  • The Blind Will Never See

    For its time, the bible was a revolutionary book with respect to the messages in the new Testament. It advocated peace instead of violence. Instead of eye for an eye, it advocated turning the other cheeks. But, just as revolutionary it was for it's time, it's been hampering the advancement of modern society with its outdated morals. Specifically, morals with respect to homosexuality, divorce, premarital sex, etc.

    The Constitution is very similar to the bible. It was revolutionary for its time but it can't have anticipated all the needs 300 years later. So, how did people neatly resolve this issue? They invented something called a Living Constitution - the Constitution modifies with the times. That's why you see changes to accommodate the elimination of slavery which was originally permitted by the Constitution. You see accommodations made for women's rights and further protections of minorities. But, there comes a point when modifying the text can only go so far. There comes a point when the text needs to be entirely rewritten. For example, partisan voting by Congress completely bogs down meaningful lawmaking every year.

    Similarly, the bible's interpretation has been like a living constitution. Slavery was originally explicitly permitted but it's obviously been banned. Women in the bible are second class citizens but not so today. But, there comes a point when generous biblical interpretation isn't enough to accommodate changing society. There comes a point when the moral values dictated in the bible need to be overhauled.

    Just as the Constitution needs to be rewritten, the bible needs to be also.

  • Maybe just shorten it...

    The Bible ought to be kept as a history, but since it was written entirely by mankind, and assembled and canonised by a council of religious scholars, there shouldn't be a reason why we can't shorten it or update it to make it a more reliable prayer book or moral guide. There are tons of denominations who take the teachings liberally and do good based on these teachings (for example the Salvation Army; there are also many Christian charities), however there are also many who read the words literally and so do some morally dubious stuff (eg. The Westboro Baptist Church). Throughout history Christians have done things like waging war, committing genocide, causing racial segregation, homophobia, sexism (the list goes on) because they were inspired by the Bible. If the Bible is to be taken literally then the World Council of Churches ought to shorten it and remove some parts, while keeping editions which should be seen in historical contexts.

    We should keep things like:
    'Love Thy Neighbour' (Matthew 22:39)
    'Love your enemies' (Matthew 5:44)
    'Turn the other [cheek] also' (Matthew 5:39)
    'You are all one in union with Christ Jesus' (Galatians 3:28)
    'Thou shalt not kill' (Exodus 20:13)

    And maybe get rid of stuff like this (or at least add a disclaimer that they shouldn't be taken literally):
    'they [homosexuals] shall surely be put to death' (Leviticus 20:13)
    'the wages of sin is death' (Romans 6:23)
    'he who sheds the blood of man by this man shall his blood be shed' (Genesis 9:6)

    Remember that the Bible is not the word of God: if anything, it is inspired by Him, and has been changed and modified over the 100s of years of its creation, and in the 2000 years since. It's like a big book of Chinese whispers being taken literally.

  • The Bible is Misinterpreted.

    Whether divinely inspired or not, the books of what we call the Holy Bible were ultimately written by men. "God" may have communicated his "Words" through these individuals, however, we are limited by our languages and our social constructs. The man who we call "The Christ", although wise, and perhaps he was the so-called son of God (for we are all children of God), he didn't write the gospels. He didn't leave us (as far as we know) anything physically written by him. But if the gospels are the stories of his life, and those were his wise words and acts of compassion, then we should have rewritten the bible many masses ago. Those who established "Christianity", and those who have transitioned the religion to what it stands for today were and are institutionalists. It's very difficult to decipher who is a true believer.

  • It is for the good of everyone,theists and atheists alike.

    You see,Spain now accepts atheists. They once banned it,but it changed for the better. The Pope also accepts atheists. We also like homosexuals,something the Bible would forbid. We are developed through the Enlightenment,which celebrates reason over faith. Atheist Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The Bible should also accept joking because they are not literal anyways. Last chance to update the Bible or we will stop reading it.

  • Our laws evolve,so why shouldn't the Bible too?

    Spain accepts atehists today,which was once illegal during the medieval period.You also need to redefine peace. Predominantly atehist Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. We now love to accept homosexuals,which the Bible would condemn. We also revealed the negative truth in the Bible. The double standard will make you vomit as well. God kills people,they are evil I kill people,I am evil.

  • The world is completely different now

    The bible is about 2000 years old, and the world is no longer the same as it was. Slavery is abolished, gay marriage is legal, and the Christian faith is split into dozens of different denominations. Everyone interprets the bible differently because it is so old. If the bible were to be updated, everyone could see it in the same way. Otherwise the bible will just fade into the past, and Christianity will end up like the old Norse, Greek, and Egyptian religions.

  • Even the Pope is changing the views of the bible.

    It should be changed. For how gays and evolution is viewed. I myself am agnostic, but for people who are against homosexuality and are unsure of evolution yet remain religious, the bible should be altered. The Pope said gays are good people, as long as they follow the practices it is ok to be homosexual. Some people are against gays because the bible disagrees with it, this will help homosexuals be viewed in a more positive way. The Pope also states that evolution does not contradict the bible. For the people who can't decide which side to choose they can now relax, and continue their life with less stress.

  • Duh, of course

    Come on the bible was written almost 2000 years ago, do you honestly think that is still actual? The times have changed and the bible has stayed the same either the bible changes or it will be forgotten. Because nowadays the biggest religions are Science and Technology. Because if you break your leg you wont go to a church you will go to a Hospital. So if the bible isn't updated soon it will be nothing more then a piece for a museum.

  • The Bible makes me lose my faith

    I remember loving the stories in the bible, but when I tried to read it myself there was so much animal abuse and gore that is not relevant to the message it tries to send. I'd much rather read a book that makes me feel good than something that makes my conscience cringe. Also, why not use the female pronoun for God? God has no gender according to my Catholic School priest so why not present God as female in the next version to give women someone to relate to?

  • N. O. No.

    If you believe in the Bible, then it is a divinely inspired text which lays the foundation for spirituality, and is a powerful story which has granted guidance and wisdom to all who have studied it. To alter this holy book would be to desecrate the Word of God.

    Alternatively, even if you do not believe in the Bible, this text is filled with historically accurate accounts, references and some tellings of actual events, along with metaphorical stories that provide proverbial wisdom and well written poetry and short stories.
    At the very least, it is an ancient, culturally representative piece of literature. It should be preserved for what it is.

  • Already has been.

    The bible has been re-written, re-translated, and re-interpreted more times than any other book in the world. This is why so many religions have biblical scripture in common. If it is changed again, all it would do is create yet another religion because there will still be those who believe in the older versions. Seeing that some may find it more valid, a few may change beliefs causing some already failing churches to close but the beliefs of that church would not end because odds are there are other branches the flock may go to or they may just move to a smaller building for worship.

    Another problem with doing any rewrite is the fact that all the original authors are long dead so any rewrite would be inaccurate. Though this is the case with the current bible, doing it again will just cause more confusion.

  • It's a history book, too. Why not update the Art of War or Annals or Winston Churchill's memoirs to be more like what you like?

    Why would anyone do this? It would destroy our understanding of several ancient cultures, and the identity of an existing culture, Jews. The answer to why someone would want to change the Bible is to control the behavior of a large group of people outside of themselves that they don't like. While we're at it, let's change the history of the Chinese and Sub-Saharan Africans so they do what we want, too.

  • Time-tested scripture, or the pathetic concepts of today?

    A 2,000 year old book that has stood the test of time did so for a reason. It was a damned fine answer to forming the backbone of society. The bible wasn't studied in every corner of the world just because "Jesus," there was a message far greater, and that's why it has lasted.

    What you're talking about here is pissing away that history for something watered down for a society that hasn't lasted but barely 20 years and wouldn't last a week without supermarkets, the internet, and television. How about no.

    I'd rather have a written code of law with a solid, tried-and-tested set of instructions on how to live a proper life than a mythical jive book dependent upon how responsive you are to the "1337 H4X" language.

    This isn't about being "stuck to the old ways and refusing change," this is more about "rejecting a pathetic society that doesn't work." Literally and figuratively. I prefer what works. Running off a cliff with limp wrists doesn't.

  • Planting a Seemingly Innocent Seed

    I grew up with the King James Bible, memorized passages for Sunday School presentations. Little changes here, little changes there are going to add up to what? One hundred or two hundred years from now, the Bible won't be recognizable. The Psalms are beautiful as written in the KJV, poetic, even. Do we change the wording of Shakespeare's plays because they are difficult to interpret or because, Heaven Forbid, they might offend someone? There is history in The Bible. We learn how people lived 2,000 years ago. History can't be changed......Or can it? Most of us understand we don't sacrifice animals (or people) today; we don't stone prostitutes and the vast majority don't take a dozen words in the Bible out of context and use them as an excuse to commit mayhem. I do not literally believe that every word in the Bible was dictated from God's mouth to man's hand and, no, that does not make me a heretic. I DO believe that we find basic and necessary rules to live by and The Commandments apply to today's society just as they did to people 2,000 years ago. Who are these religious intellectuals that know what's 'best' for the rest of us and more importantly, who think they 'know' what God actually 'meant'? Entire church bodies are divided because someone notices something that might be politically incorrect here, offensive to a particular group there. I can only think of Madeline Murray O'Hare and the terrible and very negative societal upheaval she caused. We should all be very fearful of these kinds of changes. I remember saying the Pledge of Allegiance with my hand over my heart and "One Nation UNDER GOD". I remember a time when the National Anthem began playing and absolutely everyone would stand with PRIDE. I remember prayer every morning in school - and it was just regular public school with no religious affiliation. I remember a time when everyone believed in God and was fearful of misbehaving. The seeds of doubt have been sown and society is paying the price. Just look around. Changing the Word of God isn't going to attract people to one church or another. That ship sailed a long time ago.

  • Why bother? Can we just...

    ... Agree on the parts that are insane and leave it at that? Should we revise all the art of the Renaissance to reflect today's views on Women's Rights? Of course not. Cause that's what we're talking about here. Whether you believe the bible is the Holy word of God, or whether you believe it's a lunatic's guide to the galaxy there is not legitimate reason to change it.
    Progressive churches have already solved the problem of "selling daughters...". They teach their parishioners that this book is to be taken for what it is, a book written 2000 some-odd years ago that needs to be taken with a grain of salt. THEY can manage to keep their belief in God without thinking it's morally correct to stone gay men in the streets. It's that simple.

    Re-write it? What an odd way to solve a problem of "some of this is lunacy"...

  • I don't believe the Bible should be re-written because the Bible itself offers warnings to those who do change its word.

    18 "I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. 19 And if anyone takes words away from this scroll of prophecy, God will take away from that person any share in the tree of life and in the Holy City, which are described in this scroll."
    Revelation 22:18-19

  • The Bible is meant to be Written in Stone

    The bible New and Old Testament is written and really has no reason to be rewritten except for people not agreeing with some terms. The Old Testament itself is to the Catholics factual and is equal to a history book, and a history book isn't changed on peoples opinions. The New Testament is about things that happened after Jesus was born.

    As far as people not agreeing with things, you take the religion as it is. People either agree/believe in a religion or don't, a person doesn't just get to pick and choose what they want, the bible is what it is. The parts that might confuse some people are the culture back then. In older times what was customary then, is certainly not customary now but that is how it was so no need to change the past. Another point is that many words change meaning over years. Some words disappear, some stay, and some change meaning because of slang. For example, the word gay used to mean happy now people refer to it as something else now. This results in people having misconceptions about the readings which makes them want to change it but really is not necessary.

    The Bible is a book that was written and is not meant to be rewritten based on bias opinions, or any other such reasons.

  • Why is this even up for debate?

    The Bible is a religious book that's used for a guide for people. There is no reason to "update" it at all. It doesn't matter what society thinks is right today. This book is based on the foundation of God's word, and should be kept that way. If we kept on changing the Bible, it would be a useless book that not many would bother to read. Who would want to put their faith in something that continuously changes?

  • It's From The Past And Should Stay Like That.... Original

    I think that the Bible should definitely not be changed because it's a Holy Book from a very long time ago. If we change it, then we're changing something historical and making it inaccurate (like Skynet said). Despite the Bible being changed several times, it doesn't mean that we have the permission to continue changing it. The major, most important, reason is that the Bible contains the words of God and by changing it, then we're changing what God has sent His people and what He wanted them to do and how He wanted them to act in their lives.

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