• Why not ?

    When we took God out of our schools is about the time that this country really started to go downhill, in a seriously bad way. Is this a coincidence? Maybe. Then again, maybe not. Whether or not you believe it's Gods word, there is much in the Bible that tells people how to live their lives and get along with each other. I believe that we are poorer for it's loss.

  • Both or none.

    Darwin's theory of evolution is just a idea, and educated guess at best? The Bible not Evolution can be proved or disproved without a doubt. Either implement both of these ideas into public schools or take both out and have the teachers say "you choose". Teaching these theories about the Big Bang and evolution are implying they are true, which they are not. You either give fair and even distribution and justice to both ideas or take all answers from the past and put them away. Leave those dumb theories for college courses and Bible for church or home.

  • Yeah it should.

    Before I say another word: I'm an atheist. I do not believe in god nor Jesus or anything else!
    But still. Religion should be taught in school. The Bible, the Koran etc.
    All of it should be taught to our children, as well as Darwin's theory.
    Did you know that 12% of all children in the US are being home schooled because their parents fear that they learn about Darwin's theory?
    A child, a human should have the right to choose their own way of belief. But they should also know about other ways. Also to teach them how to accept other cultures, and befriend people with different religions.

  • America. Bible. Freedom.

    America was founded by Christian men who based all they did on the bible. Hmm, what other countries did that? America was the most free country in the world, until more modern times, but without this whole country being based on God and the bible, we'd be living in a frickin' car free, telephone free, advanced electricity free world. Thank you.

  • It has changed the course of history.

    I am an atheist, but I believe it is nessisary for religions to be taught at school. When I say taught, however, I do not mean preached. I believe that students need to have an understanding of multiple religions in order to understand history. So many aspects of world history involve religion and religios discrimination. Without an understanding of religion it is impossible to truly understand history.

  • Don't be Ignorant

    While a lot of people do not believe in what the Bible has to say, sadly, it still offers valuable information. For example in Science class evolution is taught as fact when in fact it is only a theory, a theory with many holes, yet that is all kids are being taught. They dont know of any other theory than that of evolution. They are ignorant. Since nobody was alive during the time of Creation no body has evidence of what happened, so in that case the Intelligent Design and Creationist Idea is also a theory. By why is it not taught? Because the Bible is said to be false or just a 'good book of morals' when in fact it is history. Everything lines up with the historical events that have occurred and were recorded. If it has proven itself accurate why is it not taught? Why do we not allow the students to dive deeper into studying what they believe and knowing why they believe what they believe, instead of being told, almost forced what to believe. I thought we lived in a free country? With freedom of speech? With freedom of religion? Our country was founded on Christian values, it was based on the Bible. God is the reason why this country has grown so much and yet students are not able to know about that since the Bible is not taught.

  • Public schools: no, private schools: it's up to them, Christian/Catholic schools: of course

    In the public sector, citizens should have access to neutral education. This means that it should not include the Bible, atheism, Islam, or any other religion. That is, by default. If a school wants to extend its curriculum to include students that wish to study theology or philosophy, it should of course include contexts of the Bible. As for private schools, they should be able to freely choose what they want to teach, and the free market will work itself out.

  • You are confused about the danger here, it's to your book, not my kid.

    If you want the bible in schools, you are in for a rude awakening about how school works. Do you remember reading "To Kill A Mockingbird"? I do. I remember how my English Lit teacher, who was not a fan, tore that book to shreds logically and grammatically. I remember reading it, liking it, then despising it after four months of exposition by her on everything that was wrong with it. Do you really want to open up your book to that kind of criticism? Are you nuts?
    Picture this: Science class Bible day. How about we do an experiment to see if we can get rocks to pour forth water? Better yet, let's talk about how scientists have repeatedly proved that the entirety of Genesis that doesn't read "who begat Noah who begat..." is a sham. That would make for a cool science class. Maybe the teacher can do a lecture on exactly what chemicals a person could ingest to appear to be dead for three days!
    I know, we'll also put it into AP Psychology! We can do book reports about the mental disease that makes people hear voices, that make people think God is talking to them. Then we can take it over to History class and have a class discussion about the mistreatment of women throughout the bible.
    But the coup detat will be in Health class (read:SEX EDUCATION) where we dispel all the idiocy behind the belief that virginity matters and that waiting to have sex til marriage isn't biblical at all, because obviously the bible is cool with daughters having sex with their fathers, but we all know that's insane.

    You want your book in my kid's school? Really? Ooooooookay.... Just remember, I'm not at all worried that he'll be adversely affected by being exposed to it, but you should be VERY worried at how the face of your religion is affected after five minutes of the bible in a classroom with 32 15 year olds and a liberal, unionized, underpaid public school teacher. Good luck EVER getting anyone to believe your book after that...

  • There is no point:

    Teaching religion is unreasonable if you will not teach the arts of discernment, rationale, and critical thinking alongside and because none of these things are taught as mandatory elements in education despite them being the most important mandatory elements in education throughout life there's absolutely no value to attempt to teach subjects that require those skillsets.

  • Separation of Church

    And State anyone? I mean seriously, if you want the Bible to be taught in school, then EVERY religious book must be, and, arguably, every atheistic book as well. It is IMPOSSIBLE to teach all of them in the time given, so therefore none of them should be. And don't say, "they can stand outside of class". That is a poor excuse.

    Now, on another note, if you want to teach the Bible as LITERATURE in a way to show how it impacted the English language, then I have less of a problem with it.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • The God Delusion

    In my opinion, evoloution should be taught in school instead of religion...One reason is because there is more than enough evidence to support evoloution than there is for this religious scripture....Religion has created conflict within humanity,,,if you weave the bible into the fabric of childrens minds then they will grow up to not accept other peoples beliefs ...Its already happening as it is......

  • Unless It Is...

    A Catholic school. Face it, it would be extremely inhumane to be doing this, especially when there are minorities in the school. People may say they rely on God, but they aren't thinking about how others feel. They might feel discriminated. I believe schools can teach about world religion, just not about the Bible.

  • For the tenth time...

    I am going to answer the same thing I answered the past ten times this question was asked: it is fine to teach the Bible in a class ABOUT Christianity, where you would learn about its impact on the world and the history behind it. What you should NOT do is teach it as science or fact, and you should NOT make it mandatory.

  • You're confused about the danger here, it's to your book, not my kid.

    You have no idea what you'd be opening yourself up to if you want your book in my class. If you open yourself up to teaching the bible in my kids school, you better be prepared for me to demand that the teacher approaches it like "To Kill a Mockingbird". My English Lit teacher tore that book apart. Every logical fallacy, every single thing we could think of that was wrong with it. You want to open up your bible to that kind of criticism? No, of course you don't, but that's exactly what's going to happen. You want to talk about learning? How about a book report in a History class about the mistreatment of women by biblical characters? Or better, how about we put it in a science class and the teacher can explain how we have evidence that says Genesis is a total sham. She can do little experiments that show how a rock can seem to pour water out of itself, and explain what chemicals a person might consume to appear to be dead for three days.
    The real danger here isn't that my kid would be exposed to someone else's insane religious beliefs. The danger is to the Bible. Because if anyone is good at making kids question things and think critically and use logic and reason, it's teachers. Left wing, Unionized, underpaid teachers. You don't know it, but you really don't want your book in my school. Because the fact that it's not here is the only thing that's protecting it.

  • I don't have to learn your bronze age myths.

    I'm an atheist. I do not follow any religion, and as the constitution states, I do not have to follow any religion that I don't wish to. Public schools, as an extension of the government, cannot endorse any religion, due to the separation of church and state as also defined in the Constitution. While many say that "evolution is a theory, but it's still being taught", their lack of knowledge is blatantly obvious. In scientific terms, a "theory" is what we would usually call "fact". Their inability to distinguish between a theory and a hypothesis shows. If you want to low-blow it as "just a theory", I urge you to read on "germ theory", "atomic theory", and "the theory of gravity". There's plenty of evidence for evolution, including transitional fossils such as archaeopteryx, and the line of humanoids from A. Afarensis, to H. Sapiens. The theory of evolution is a well-established theory that has been proved through evidence and observation. This is on a completely different level compared to the Bible, Quran, or any holy book for that matter; these books are unproven, and unverified, and there's no evidence as to the veracity of the stories they tell. People of other bronze-age myths have no obligation to be indoctrinated into other similarly unproven books.

  • This country was based explicitly on religious freedom:

    "Be it enacted by General Assembly that no man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer on account of his religious opinions or belief, but that all men shall be free to profess, and by argument to maintain, their opinions in matters of Religion, and that the same shall in no wise diminish, enlarge or affect their civil capacities."

    --The Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom, written by Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and enacted in 1789.

    If you're going to teach the Bible in schools you better teach every other religious book EVER and teach Atheism as well WITHOUT BIAS. Then and only then will children still experience freedom of religion.

  • No more indoctrination!

    Quite simply, school is a place for education - hear me out...

    Whilst I am an active atheist (i.E. I firmly believe in what I logically understand to be true, which does not currently include any deity due to a complete lack of evidence), this does not equate to the views of a large proportion of "religious" individuals, who consider atheism to actually be antitheism (think about this carefully before deriding atheists).
    As a complete neutral in the theological and religious debate, I firmly believe that we should learn (and therefore teach) about religion and the diversity of viewpoints in society. This does not, however, require the indoctrinatory teaching of the beliefs in any "holy book", be it a bible of any name or religious leaning.
    Educate by all means, but schools should definitely not indoctrinate!

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mizikesashez says2014-10-18T19:08:07.103
Take away God and his word all we have is destruction, corruption, and chaos

Look back into history where the soul purpose of school was to teach the bible and to when the bible was banned from schools that is when school shootings/stabbings, etc started to happen and unwanted teen pregnancy, teachers abusing kids, teachers molesting kids, conservatism sex between a teacher and child, the list goes on. As soon as the course of studies changed in the schools the school system became corrupt.Now look at the way it is today. I refuse to let my child go to a corrupt school, no bible, no school,i will do homeschooling!!!
TheMagicDragon says2014-10-19T00:43:42.493
People use god as a variable.....Think of it like a fast food, many fast food joints will claim to have the best burger (similar to many religions claiming there belief is whats true)....And you think oh cool maybe the burger will be good....But no....Its the same idea but in a different story...People would rather rely on god to do things for them and pray rather than actually doing work and thinking for themselves. They would rather read the bible than read a book on evolutionary biology. Plus, anything good that happens through religion such as being kind and having morals can already be achieved without a religion...There are atheists who have morals and they don't need a book to tell them how to be moral. All religion has done is separated humanity into little groups with each group claiming there belief is right...It only causes arguments ...........