Should the Big Three U.S. auto companies expand their presence overseas into markets like China?

  • Expansion good for auto market

    The auto industry in the US is still looking to reinvent itself for the better of the industry and how it can create more revenue for jobs and employment. Going into the Chinese markets gives you a chance to expand and use resources you did not have before which only advances revenue.

  • Yes, of course.

    I do think that the Big Three United States auto companies should expand their presence overseas into the larger markets like China. Especially if it brings more revenue and jobs into the United States. If they do it just to have cheaper labor, I am totally against them doing it.

  • It is an emerging market

    Since the growth of China's middle class it only makes sense that the Big 3 try to do more trade in China. There are clear benefits and because that strengthens the US presence economically in China it helps expand the sphere of influence. Because the Big 3 have already started expanding in Russia it seems only right that they also move into China.

  • Yes They Should

    In order for American auto companies to compete they are going to have to globalize just as their competitors have. Assuming that you can survive solely on American purchases is probably a good way to ensure failure. As an American I have never purchased a brand new American made car, but I have purchased two brand new foreign brands. Competition is tough, step it up.

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