Should the black lives matter movement be criminalized. (due to it destroying businesses and homes, and beating people due to race)

Asked by: Kurtznj00
  • Yes it should

    BLM is directly responsible for the beatings and destruction of property seen in Ferguson, Baltimore, Charlotte and Milwaukee. They also use intimidation tactics like blocking traffic and halting parades. By definition they are a terrorist group. They should be labeled as such.
    Watch here as they assault an innocent man in a garage.

  • Yes is should

    The black lives matter movement is destroying homes local businesses and ruining small black communities. In my opinion its starting to become a form of terrorism. During some protests white people are beat on the streets for simply being white, cop cars are destroyed and cops are murdered. The black lives matter protest should be criminalized.

  • They are a hate group

    They should be regarded as a hate group in the same way the klu klux klan they both call for the deaths of people on the basis of their skin colour and the Black lives matter movement calls frequently for the death of police officers because of what they wrongly believe is oppression.

  • Yes they should.

    If there is a protest that is peaceful and for a good reason there is no reason for it to be criminalized. But when the protest turns into EXACTLY what they are protesting against (killing because of the generalization of a group [cops-racist/BLM-terrorists]) that is when it should be considered a terrorist group. After they start torching cities, killing cops who have done nothing, and even blocking major roadways that could cause in hundreds of injuries of BLM, cops, and civilians. If a group is protesting in a way that is putting civilians in danger, that is when the should be criminalized.

  • Yes it should be.

    It has gotten to a point where you can't even consider what Black Lives Matter does a protest anymore. They're just burning cities to the ground, I mean how can you justify the looting of stores, beatings, and so on. Just recently the "protests" in Charlotte the Charlotte Hornets team store was looted, for what, what is the point of that other than them using the shootings as cover for crime of stealing. Finally what are they even rioting for, who are they rioting against, please inform me, is it the black mayor of Milwaukee, the black police chiefs in both Milwaukee and Charlotte the black president, I mean who really.

  • No , . .

    Not all people who believe in the BLM movement act destructive . That is not the image we are trying to portray . You cant base a whole idea or movement on some of their people's actions . You have to look at he bigger picture . 2 wrongs dont make a right .

  • Freedom of speech

    Merely saying "Black Lives Matter" or supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement is freedom of speech. The individuals who are rioting, or committing crimes are responsible for their own actions, and should be held accountable. But peaceful speakers and demonstrators have a right to freedom of speech, even if some other people talking about the same issue have resorted to violence. It is not the fault of peaceful demonstrators that some people resort to violence. Prosecute the violent people and let those who are peaceful speak freely.

  • The Gun Does All The Talking All Around The World

    When your constitutional rights are indefinitely suspended,
    When bankers are writing legislation for the house and congress,
    When billionaire mayors arrest 26 reporters in one day,
    What should be the case no longer matters,
    What's the right thing to do is no longer your concern,
    The money is doing all the driving at the point of a gun,
    And black lives only matter if they start shooting back.
    If they stop, it means everyone else is next.

  • No, it should not.

    There is a distinct difference between protesters who support the BLM movement and rioters who take advantage of large gatherings like these protests in order to cause chaos and do whatever they want. There is no reason to publish many for the actions of a few who aren't even actually involved in the BLM movement. Rather than punish the whole movement, we should work to punish those who specifically incite and act in these riots, while also helping those who are negatively affected by the rioters feel safe and secure again.

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