• Yes they should

    Black people have been oppressed by the whites and straights for long enough and they should have their time to shine. More specifically lesbian black women, Since the men are still oppressive and misogynistic. White people are bad and should be removed from power with a violent rebellion like the french revolution. Behead the whites.

  • I think they should

    The whites have ruled the earth and made black nigger slaves and I think that black people should have white slaves crackers and that would be nice I think getting whipped every now and again would be okay its fine guys let it happen to us crackers. NIGGE RNIGGERn jcss

  • They are nice

    Very very nice once i was like damn and then the other guy came inside and i went dayum son and the black earth is like white but blukasd and my mom is very hot every night my step dad fucks me in the ass xd lol minecraft minecraf minecarf

    Posted by: niga
  • Lol what the?

    Obviously no race or group of people should "own the earth" everyone can stay true to their own respective nations. Arbitrarily assigning one group of people to own the globe when they already have their own spaces of dominance and allowing them to have authority over other nations will just lead to conflict.

  • What even is this post

    Well the world has had particular groups of people in total power whilst the other groups are below them and each time this has happened it resulted in war or genocide. Examples, Germany - Aryan above all, Confederate America - Whites above blacks etc. Overall it would most likely have deadly consequences.

  • What is this question even

    I don't know if this is a joke or what, But if this is serious, It would be a horrible idea. The idea that one country should conquer the Earth is absurd, Nevertheless one race. This would lead to racism in it's purest form, And would not have any pros. Black people would be born into power for no reason other than the color of their skin, And all other races would be left to suffer. Please let this be a joke because if it isn't, My views on the intelligence of the users on this site will plummet

  • Uh, Not really.

    Is it racist if I don't want a single group of people to have total dominance? Yes? No? Idk. Going to play some video games or whatever. Pokemon Go do something worth your time. Cause I gotta catch a ride outta of this place. I choose you but I don't know what to do.

    What am i even saying.

    Friggin rambling


  • What the heck?

    This is a serious argument? I can guarantee Jew's have been more oppressed than blacks, So why don't we hand it over to the Jew's? This 'my race has been oppressed so I deserve something' junk is moronic at best. You want something, Work hard and earn it. Doesn't get more simple than that.

  • No single race of humans should own earth.

    The argument "black people have been slaves by whites, So we should take over and be superior", Is a completely irrational. No race should be superior over another.
    Yes, In history, Black slaves was very common and white people were the ones in charge of them. However, We can see what having slaves does to people in a negative way and we as a society should never repeat these sort of actions again on anyone

    Posted by: CDC
  • Nearly as bad as opposite

    Black power is about advancing to true equality. At that point you’d find that’s perfectly fine because everyone would be respecting each other and not discriminating by race.
    I say nearly because people who have lived racism would be more equal in terms of racial inequality. At least in the US, This demographic is also more liberal.

  • Blacks should own Africa

    Really sorry about that slavery thing, And imperialism, Lets move on. . Eurpeans get europe asians get asia let everyone live and be fre in their own nations and leave everyone else alone. . The united states is a melting pot nation but most of the world isnt. . And if you loo mlticulturalism has a very poor record, Many misdeeds occured in the past, You don't correct a bad act with more bad acts. . Africans get africa. . White peope shoud go home and stay in europe. . I think we could all be happy if we respected each others right from a far. . Let everyone be free and equal in their own lands. . And leave everyone else alone peace

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