Should The Blaze be on DIRECTV and other TV providers?

Asked by: travis8352
  • Had it on DIsh. Tomi Lahren. Enough said.

    Tomi is wonderfully quick witted and states things in the simplest way to help people understand exactly what the country and world are doing allowing a liberal, biased media to do to a once great country full of pride and patriotism. Check her out online. Glen and those other guys are good too.

  • Get the Blaze on direct tv

    With all the liberal BS out there, the blaze would be great to have access to. Was on vacation and it was in dish, watched it the whole week? Islamonazi al jazera but no pro american blaze? Something is wrong here. If dtv can show msnbc.. It can have a conservative counter.. Get the Blaze!

  • Let's hear it !!!!!

    Why can't The Blaze be on DirecTV? We have all sorts of "news" broadcasts from every corner of the planet. Why exclude Beck? Doesn't he have as much right to be heard as the BLM groups across the country? Or is it on the agenda of the upper echelon to filter what America hears? If Howard Stern can broadcast over the airwaves, I don't see why Glenn Beck can't render his opinion.

  • The Truth is what America needs

    The Blaze TV is the best channel available if you want the truth. Most people can't handle the truth. The Lying Liberal Marxist Media doesn't want you to hear the truth. The only way they control the masses is to keep you ignorant on the facts. The Truth will set you Free, Ignorance keeps you a slave.

  • Put the Blaze on DirectTV

    Since Al-Jazeera is going off very soon there will need to be a new channel. Glenn Beck and co. Are the ones we want to in its into our homes. Especially us DirectTV people who want an actual news channel for once whIle Fox twiddle their thumbs. Support the Blaze Network

  • The Blaze Supports and Teaches Values

    No where else on TV will you find a channel the drives home the importance of living your life the right way and standing up for those who can't stand on their own. The Blaze is inspirational to all and has always been critical of both sides of the aisle. Truly unbiased reporting and calling a spade a spade is this networks M.O.

  • What are you afraid of?

    The very few who have voted no have done so because it doesn't coincide with their opinion. I have found that most of the people who are against Glenn Beck are only repeating what others have told them and have never actually listened to what he said. Are the rest of us not aloud to decide for ourselves? I was a Directv customer for 19 years. After waiting for The Blaze for about a year, I finally switched to Dish and it was definitely worth it. There are over 77 cable providers who carry The Blaze now. I want to support companies that I don't have to fight their agenda.

  • Should be available on every network

    I think we have something called free speech. I don't see any opposition to any other kind of broadcasting. If you are interested business of providing a service then make it open to all opinions and let the viewer decide. Media outlets are by far the most intolerant to anything that does not meet their idology.

  • Switching to Dish

    Have waited for several years for Directv to add the Blaze to its lineup. It is another voice offering a different opinion; it isn't Fox, it isn't Russia Today and it isn't one of the several liberal networks. Adding more different points of view rather than more of the same is important to gain a complete picture. As far as being tasteless, I don't believe it it possible to be more out in the weeds than some current Directv programming.

  • What's to lose?

    More voices equals a better argument. Give people what they want. You don't have to watch it, but other people should have access to it, if they want to. It's not like your cable bill is going to cost any more than it does now. Have it for $5 or available in a tier just like with Dish.

  • No No No

    The misinformation brigade is already too strong. Anyone who does even cursory research on claims from The Blaze knows Glenn Beck is full of it.
    We don't need more access to people like this. We need more news outlets that are not trying to push their own agenda. Ie NPR

  • More Division, Lies and Misinformation. Fearmongering....Us vs. Them.

    The Blaze isn't "news" it's entertainment. Beck is laughing all the way to the bank turning Americans against each other and shutting down constructive conversation. At some point, there will be a Republican President and pay back will be hell. I keep my gun locked and loaded. Bring it on Beck.

  • News network? No!

    Maybe offered as outlandish entertainment but not offered to the public as the truth. After watching a few programs, I found the content to be either tasteless or misleading to say the least.
    This is definitely not something I would pay to watch nor would I recommend it to others!

  • NO Glenny for Directv....

    I do not want to pay for this chicken little to blast his conspiracy theories all over my television. No thanks blaze. I get all the fair and balanced reporting I need from foxnews thank you very much. With that being said I do like it when right wing watch posts his insanity...And crying!

  • I Won't Pay

    I'm not going to pay more for my cable bill because a group of extremists want their racist rant each night before going to bed. Do people actually think Glenn Beck is giving away air time? I don't mind paying more for sports channels or movies when it's my option, but being told this has to be on my tv and I have to pay for this blathering idiot is not okay. If Directv gets the Blaze than your bill goes up and I will cancel my Directv because I don't want that filth seen by my children.

  • We don't need more irrational ideological based content.....

    We are bombarded by enough selective reporting, misreporting and misinformation from the likes of Fox News. Really no need to feed into a market segment that represents the continued de-evolution of the species. GB's is a stark example of how easy it is to be an art or movie critic and devise a rational for virtually any position. A little harder to actually take a useful stance and defend it with something other than self indulgent interpretations of the constitution and worn out bible verses.

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