Should the blood alcohol threshold for drunk driving be lowered?

  • Yes, it should

    Most people who commit drunk driving ignore the drinking driving limits anyway. For those who are law-abiding people, they would abide the law regardless how the law is crafted. Therefore, law abiding citizens would not be upset by the lower threshold while criminals simply won't not pay attention. Therefore, the blood alcohol threshold for drunk driving should be lowered.

  • No, the BAC should not be lowered.

    No, I don't believe that the Blood Alchohol Content threshold for drunk driving should be lowered. At the current .08 standard we have right now, even someone who is completely sober can be arrested and charged with drunk driving. I think that we should have a realistic minimum based on the weight and tolerance of a non-regular drinker of alcohol. This would help us eliminate the unfair prosecutions of sober drivers who drank the night before, or who have a higher tolerance and are not drunk at all. This would also help local governments save a lot of money on needless cases and would help save on jail costs.

  • No, it should not.

    It is an inaccurate system at best and lowering it would only throw off the figures further. Different people react different and have different tolerances. Each person functions at a different level and the current system is a somewhat fair medium between the larger population. Altering the figure without strong scientific evidence would be a fear tactic at best and likely punish more than it saves or prevents.

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