• Most Scouting organizations globally allow girls and boys to be in the same troop too, so what's wrong with gay Scouts?

    Really as a female Scout from Canada who has never had an issue with anyone in my group making sexual advances towards me, why should the inclusion of gay scouts be any different? We do not even ask about the sexual orientation of our Scouts (nor do we care) and so far there have been no more issues than one would expect from a youth organization. Really we can't constantly segregate our communities based on factors like gender and sexuality based on fear; all it does is alienate people based on one specific trait, whether or not you think they can control it. And honestly if straight men can control themselves around girls, then what makes you think that gay men can't control themselves around boys? There will always be issues with cases of policy violations within all youth programs, but you can't even verify if someone is in fact gay if they say they aren't, so really chances are that there are already gay, bi-, and pan-sexual scouts in the BSA and you'd never know because they are both discrete and decent individuals. If they are good, trustworthy Scouts, who want to join, who cares about sexuality or gender? Good policy and leader training will take care of the rest.

  • Boy Scouts need to get into the 21st century!

    In the year 2016, it isappalling that a group that claims to be about the betterment of boys keeps a population of boys our of their organization! The Boy Scouts began in the United Stated in 1910. They are still adhering to the rules they began with rather than changing with the rest of the world! They have been allowing gay leaders since 2015, now it's time to allow gay boys to join also!

  • As a Lifelong Scouter (40+ years), I know that gays have never been a problem.

    Gays are not the problem. When the BSA reached its rather poor compromise on whether or not to allow gays, none of our Troop's adult leaders or Committee members had an issue with it. Most of us were, and still are of the opinion that the BSA should have adopted an "all or nothing" stance.

    We discussed the gay issue briefly with our Scouts (80+ boys) at a regular meeting. Not one of them had a problem, even after being urged to discreetly speak with the SM or CC if they did. The one thing that we as a Troop decided to do in unlikely event that a Scout declares himself as gay is to implement YPT procedures when camping, wherein that Scout will not be permitted to share a tent or sanitary facility with a Scout or Scouts who have not identified as gay.

    Homophobes and pedophiles will always be a problem for Scouting. That is what we as leaders have to be cognizant of.

  • Absolutely, they should

    I'm gay and I was in the Boy Scouts for several years. When I first joined I had no idea I was gay and didn't even really know what being gay even was. Discriminating against children because you think they're gay is sickening. The BSA should be ashamed of themselves and I refuse to ever support or have any relationship with the BSA until they open their minds to reality.

  • In some ways, it can be thought hypocritical, in others just rude.

    How do they know if people are gay or not? Is there a test? A generalization made by the camp instructors? I understand how dull I must sound, but if a gay person wanted to be in a boy scout troop, why not pretend to be straight, wait until you're a highly regarded member, and then drop the fact that your gay right on them. I wonder how that would taste?

  • The science shows that...

    The more you teach a developing teenager that they're intrinsically immoral and unwanted, the more likely they are to be diagnosed with depression, turn to drugs, and commit suicide. Convincing adolescents that they're somehow "broken" is not a light issue, and widespread institutionalized homophobia like the BSA's ban is NOT helping. As an Eagle Scout and a long time Scouter myself, please BSA, show some compassion.

  • Yep

    I have been in a venture group for a while now. Though I am not out of the closet yet, it is crushing to know if I do I will probably be thrown out. The Boy Scouts should consider they are hurting people, kids and teens, by banning them from Boy Scouts.

  • Yes, gays are people too.

    I strongly believe that Boy Scouts allow gays to join. I think that if they don't that is a case of absolutely horrible discrimination. People are people, no matter how many people think it is so horrible. A persons sexuality should not forbid them from participating in any activities. Everyone should enjoy the same rights and opportunities with no regard to sexual preference.

  • Yes, they should.

    While they should not be legally required to admit gays, they should welcome them on their own. They are missing out on many wonderful members and leaders by excluding gays. There are many straight people who will not allow their sons to join because of the BSA's exclusion of gay scouts and leaders.

  • Gays Should Be Allowed

    Boy Scouts should allow gays to participate. There is no problems with gays having association with boy scout organizations. It is not as if they are promoting homosexuality. To close the doors on gays would be discrimination and lead to bad publicity for boy scouts. They should be open minded and avoid controversy.

  • No

    The Boy Scouts have no legal responsibility to allow gays to be scouts. The Boy Scouts are entitled to their own beliefs and they should not bend to public pressure. If they allow gays, then they have to allow gay scout leaders, and I would not want a scout leader to be sexually attracted to my son!

  • I just don't thinks gays are supposed to be with a bunch of other boys during camp trips

    Let's say a bunch of boys and girls go out camping in the middle of the woods. Does that sound right? No it doesn't. It's the same with gays, just with guys instead of girls. I don't have a problem with people being gay. But they shouldn't be in scouts, it's just not right

  • Even if they joined they can never be real Boy Scouts.

    Myself, being a eagle scout, know a lot about scouting. I also know that the scout oath says, "...I will do my best to God...And keep myself morally straight." The scout law says, "A scout is...Clean, and reverent." To keep oneself morally straight that in itself forbids homosexuality. Being "gay" is actually a choice and that alone breaks the scout oath. It also says you have a duty to God. No homosexual is a Christian, even though they might claim to be. That's because God states that homosexuality is a sin and all homosexual will be condemned and thrown into the lake of fire. Now it talks about love everyone in the book of Romans. But note that we don't have to SUPPORT "gay rights" but you must respect them and love them all the same. Gay boys shouldn't be allowed in the BSA because they break the most crucial part of what it means to be a true Boy Scout. If they really want to, they could form their own version of Boy Scouts, but like I just stated, "They shouldn't be allowed in scouts".

  • Will you let a straight male scout leader to camp with a group of teenagers Girl Scouts?

    If not, why not? That is probably the same reason a gay Boy Scout leader should not be in the Boy Scout. I am not discriminating anyone, but that is just human nature. Just like the world has separate restrooms for men and women. Why do we separate the restrooms?

  • Scouting is not about sexuality or sexual orientation.

    I agree that it doesn't matter is someone is gay or straight. Who really cares? I don't understand why the BSA is being forced to deal with something that has no relevance to scouting, like someones sexual preference? We don't want scouting to be about or have anything to do with someone's sexuality. Because of those few who want everyone to embrace and acknowledge that they want to be with someone of the same sex, scouting is now going to be in trouble no matter what they decide to do. It's ridiculous and this needs to stop. If you're gay, fine, keep it to yourself. If you're straight, fine, keep it to yourself. No one needs to know!

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