• Yes, But They're Complete D-Bags For Doing So.

    They're a private organization, so technically they can do whatever they please when it comes to admitting members. They CAN ban gays, but that certainly doesn't mean they should. They just get bad Karma for it; I'm sure thousands of parents have objected to their child's participation in Boy Scouts because of their well-publicized homophobic policies. Also, the Boy Scouts of America are also anti-semitist; they have been known to actively exclude Jews from their organization. What a bunch of intolerant jerks.

    For the record, the Boy Scouts of America draw eerie comparisons with the Hitler Youth. Both organizations include only males, are anti-semitist, and are homophobic.

  • 1st amendment is primordial.

    Whether or not they should or shouldnt do so is another question. But they are a private group, and private groups should have the power to decide their membership. To say otherwise is dangerous. it is not the responsibility of the state to end discrimination by force. It is not their responsibility to decide what is moral or is not moral. These are questions that society itself must decide. Get government out of all private institutions, even if that includes marriage.

  • Yes, they are a private organization

    Boy Scouts of America is a private Christian organization not unlike a church in its legal status. People saying they don't have the right to ban gays is like saying a Christian church doesn't have a right to ban Muslim pastors. They have a right to ban gays. Morally and legally.

  • Absolutley!

    As long as they are a private organization and don't receive government funding they are free to do as they please. The government trying to step in and tell them they can't is what people should be worried about. That no different than restaurants that have child bans. No one should be able to tell them that they can't refuse service to parents who bring kids with them.

  • Yes, although they shouldn't ban them.

    Although I do not support the Boy Scouts of America's ban on gays, I do support their right to enact such a ban. They are a private organization, and should be permitted to accept or reject members based on any criteria they wish. However, if they choose to ban gays, they should lose public funding and should be prepared to lose private donors as well.

  • YES

    I don't think it's right that they've banned gays, but I also don't think that I have the right to tell then that they can do it. They are a private organization and not subject to benefits from the public trust, so they are not entitled to be regulated by governmental regulations.

    Like I said, I don't like that they ban gays like that, but I am also very nervous about the precedent of the government being able to tell a private entity what to do like that.

  • No. They should follow their own oath.

    Banning anyone due to their sexual orientation is discrimination. Being gay would not affect the ability to fulfill the role of being a scout or scout leader. Unfortunately, discrimination has had to be made illegal by governments as too many whom hold the power to make decisions in organizations and corporations would refuse to be dragged into the 21st century.

  • No way

    So what the boys are gay, they are still boys and they should be allowed to do boy things with their friends. If they do ban gays it tells your kids not to accept gays because it is unacceptable. It tells them that it is okay to ridicule and exclude him from stuff just because he is gay.

  • No, that sends the wrong message

    The Boy Scouts are meant to be an organization that children can join that allows them to have fun, make friends, and learn important skills in life. Allowing the Boy Scouts to ban gays sends a negative message about homosexual people to these young children that will stick with them for the rest of their lives and only fuel hatred toward gay people.

  • Let God judge, not us here on Earth.

    No, not at all. I personally am a christian who does not agree with being gay, but I am for gay rights because it is their life. I does not effect me in anyway if they are married or part of a club like boy scouts. I believe it is God's place to judge them, not ours.

  • Absolutely not.

    Yes, the Boy Scouts of America are a private organization. If they decided to ban all black people from joining, they would get into so much trouble for discrimination. How is this any different? They are banning people from joining based off of something the victim has no control over. Discrimination.

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