• They are strong believers of god

    BSA is a Christian group and believe all of Jesus teachings. The Scout Pledge and creed both state being a follower of God. I'm sorry to break it to you but Homosexality is as sin in the Christian faith, just like swearing, or killing. To the BSA they (we) follow all of God's teaching no matter what comes our way

  • Boy scouts is a christian activity

    I am a boy scout and also the chaplain for the troop. The chaplain is kind of like the priest. It clearly states that god doesn't accept gays. We follow what Jesus tells us to do. If you allow that Boy Scout wouldn't be boy scouts anymore like the dollar bill "In god we trust" logo wont be the same anymore. Gay is a sin and if God won't allow BSA shouldn't allow it either.

  • Not at all

    As long as they do not act on their sexual urges and are of the same gender then I don't see a problem. Stop trying to sexualize everything. That being said. I do NOT agree with "transgender boys or girls" joining or forcing themselves into either. There can be a time when boy scouts and girl scouts can come together to learn how to work together at particular events but the two should be separate.

  • Um that's unchristian if you ask me.

    God accepts all we are all sinners. Then in that case the boy s outs shouldn't exist. No offense but homosexuality is in fact a choice not given at birth most young kids don't understand the concept of sexuality . So quite frankly the don't let the gays join is as bad a sin as homosexuality itself. This is bull****. And I refuse the idea that Jesus christ can't forgive homosexuality.

  • not at all

    No, they do not need to not let gays in the boy scouts. they are not going to cause any trouble in the group, and they are not going to try and do any thing to the other boys. they deserve to be able to do the same things as others.

  • No, The Boy Scouts should not exclude gays.

    We should not discriminate against people who are gay just like we should not discriminate people of a different races, ethnicities, and religions. People who are gay were born that way. Men and boys who are gay have the right to join and participate in the Boy Scout program just as the straight men and boys do.

  • No, I don't think the Boy Scouts should exclude gays.

    While the Boy Scouts is a private organization and should be able to accept or not accept whoever they want I feel that it would be the compassionate and correct thing to do to accept gays in their membership. The Boy Scouts is often a widely respected organization and should be held to a high standard.

  • No, the Boy Scouts should not exclude gays

    The Boys Scouts is an organization for young boys and men to learn about nature, building, camaraderie, and service. These are skills that are important to any young child, especially a boy, regardless if he is straight or gay. Sexuality is not a matter that should be discussed in this organization as that is not is its intent.

  • No the boy scouts shoudl not exclude gays.

    The boy scouts should not exclude gays from joining. That is a prejudice action that should not be tolerated in the US. Most children who join the Boy Scouts are very young and age and should not be forced into discussing their sexuality. This would be wildly inappropriate for anyone to conduct.

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