Should the Boy Scouts lift their ban on gay members?

  • The Boy Scouts have standards, even if the rest of the world dosn't.

    The is no reason for the Boy Scouts not to discriminate against Gays. The Boy Scouts have always and will always hold true to their standards. Since the beginning of humanity, marriage has been a relation between a man and a woman. The only reason to support Gays is because it's glamorous. If you are gay, that's your problem, but respectable organizations like the Boy Scouts of America should not and will not allow Gays into their ranks.

  • Yes. It is the 21st century.

    The Boy Scouts have an outdated policy on this matter, and they will go down in history as being too slow to change. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with success in scouting, and it also has nothing to do with the ability to practice religion, even though some members will try to claim it does.

  • Equality Should Be A Merit Badge

    I'm not too familiar with the Boy Scouts as I never was one but I don't think it's right for them to be an exclusive club. For one thing, I don't think sexuality should even be a factor when thinking of criterion for entering such a place. Scouting, from what I know, has more to do with illustrating skills and learning a specific way of life. I don't see why liking someone of the same gender should preclude someone from bonding with others if they choose to do so. I think this mostly has to do with the gross misconception that homosexuality and pedophilia are in any way related.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Why is this ban in place?

    I really don't see any reason to discriminate against any group, barring those that consider themselves "transgender" since if you're born female, you will always be female - that's something a surgery can't change. Gay men were born male, therefore they should qualify for Scouthood. However, there should be a ban on "intimate relations" between members of a troop during events, as that goes against what the Boy Scouts are about. Go ahead, be gay - but keep it to yourself and out of the Boy Scouts. Sexuality shouldn't be something that matters, unless it leads to something that becomes a distraction.

  • Yes, there have always been gay boy scouts.

    Why should they go through the stupid ritual of pretending to be something they are not just because someone else doesn't like it? The only thing that would change is that everyone would know it. In fact, it's like saying if we don't know you are gay, it's okay, and if you do, it's not. How stupid.

  • Not at all.

    Guys, the BSA is a CHRISTIAN ORGANISATION just fyi. The majority of boy scout troops operate out of churches, namely, the Catholic, LDS and Methodist churches because they are a Christian organisation that teach good values in young men. Being gay, not a good value. And considering the BSA is a private-ish institution, they should be able to make there own rules.

  • Absolutely not

    And it’s high time we need talk about pedophilia; the rape of children, and the fact that those who regularly rape them are relatives and mentors: perverts having access to trick and bully kids.
    Now the rape of a boy by a male generally means he puts his penis up the kid’s butt. Perhaps you’ve heard of this as “butt f**king”, or sodomy; and something gays do. Yet straights do it too.
    In fact, married couples will use it as a form of birth control. However, if practiced frequently, the anus gets torn and herniated, AIDS and disease flourishes, and the penis suffers erectile dysfunction.
    In other words; guys can’t keep a hard-on, and people can’t take a decent crap. Other mammals would face extinction if they did it. And because ‘so-called’ human rights groups have unjustly lumped lesbianism in with sodomy (when lesbians are the least able to take part) they have also been banned. But the BSA should not accept incessant male perversion, anymore then drug addiction, domestic abuse, or any other unnatural and unhealthy behavior.
    Shalom, God save the children.

  • Private organization = freedom of association

    As a private organization, the BSA can set its own membership standards. This has been upheld by the Supreme Court. If BSA doesn't take federal funding, it is free to run the organization according to their own rules, and this is a freedom worth preserving and supporting whether one likes the organization or not.

    Posted by: AEW
  • No

    No, in this day and age everyone has become tolerant and approval of other peoples choices and characters. Discrimination is slowly drifting away to a society of equal rights and gay members of Boy Scouts should have a right to participate in any activities whether it's Boy Scouts or something else.

  • Peter Piper Paedophillia

    If we allow gays unprecedented and close access to young boys it will surely increase the likelihood of sexual predators abusing young boys. Clearly if a man is heterosexual he will have no interest in molesting or raping young boys. With a gay man there is at least the possibility. Also, homosexuals are are more sexually active and promiscuous. Their sexuality is also more core to their identity and as such they act upon it more. A voracious homosexual and young boys do not make for a very good mix.

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