Should the Boy Scouts of America Lift Its Ban on Gay Members?

  • Why wouldn't they?

    Honestly, they have started a program that is inclusive towards girls, and if they're willing to bend the rules that far than they should probably relax their stance on homosexuality. Anyway, children should learn early on that it's okay to be gay and to have gay leaders. Go gay scouts!

  • They Did, Effective Jan. 1, 2014

    Just days before the new year began, the Boy Scouts of America did a stunning reversal of a policy excluding gays from their organization. Guidelines will still have to be met, but open homosexuals are now allowed to be in Boy Scouts. It works for the U.S. military, so why not the scouting movement?

  • Gay Leaders Harm The Child's Mind

    Being gay is a misdeed and is same to murder, theft, and lying. Gay Leaders would teach kids that being gay is alright even though it is a wrong that needs to go away. Yes I know the ban was lifted, but I hate to see children be told that being is alright for it is harmful to mankind as we know it.

  • No, it should be their choice.

    No, the Boy Scouts of America should not lift its ban on gay members, because the Boy Scouts should be allowed to choose what they believe. The Boy Scouts should be as free as every other organization to choose the values that they would like to have. If they want to encourage the heterosexual lifestyle, that should be their choice.

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