Should the British monarchy system be dismantled?

  • Yes it should be

    It is outdated and un-democratic, they do not bring money into the country via tourism, you empty out the buildings they live in and open them up to tourists and people would come flocking in, the money they take could be saving the lives of cancerous children in NHS hospitals, get rid of them.

  • Yes because its oppressive, unequal and a privilege system that has lost relevance

    If Britain want a truly democratic system of government - it begins with the removal of the elitist, white, family who is in "power" for no other reason other than lineage and "divine right" (whatever that means). It seems odd to me that tax money goes into supporting them, but not very clear what they actually do.

  • May be a popular British Icon, bring in a lot of tourism but they don't really work for what they and don't have much power.

    Supporting my argument I say this because if David Cameron was to go and propose a new law to her she is able to steer it in a certain direction but is obliged to say yes because she was not chosen by the people of the U.K whereas he was.

  • Feudal, nepotistic , undemocratic

    George , the so called prince, already have more opportunities in life that I ever will. It is continuation of the feudal system and allows a bunch of people to hold on to land they obtained illegally. Dismantle the monarchy, take over the so called "Royal" feudal land, and build houses on them -NO! Not give it to another rich man or declare it as green belt!! - Sell it to the public!!!

  • All monarchs are parasites

    They contribute nothing useful to society and they live off your taxes. They exploit the "common" man and woman because they believe that their DNA is superior to yours. They claim to be "descendants of gods" which really are ancient alien race that visited the earth thousands of years ago. I do not give a damn about their self-proclaimed heritage. I am not paying income tax ever again. I have not even filed for over 10 years. Yes, it is possible to arrange things that way! Shame on anyone that waved and cheered when Kate and Will popped a new generation of oppression into this world.

  • Yes, because it does not mean what it once did.

    The royal family is a mess, to be frank. They are full of scandals and problems. The queen seems to be extremely out of touch with the people. I don't see what purpose a monarchy even serves in modern times. I have heard that the British people would favor the dismantling of the monarchy.

  • It serves no useful purpose.

    It's not an actual government. All it does is create new celebrities, the only difference between them and normal celebrities being that the monarchy system has the potential to breed even more incredibly useless and pointless celebrities than normal. Perhaps they serve as pretty, decorative figureheads, but the system has no place in the modern day.

  • Yes, absolutely.

    Monarchy is an exploitative and oppressive system that should not exist. Monarchy is where men claim ruler-ship over others because of lineage, and other ridiculous reasons such as "divine right." They also sap the resources of the British people while offering nothing of any value. Unless you want to be ruled over and controlled, I say abolish them.

  • Yes, the British monarchy system should be dismantled

    The British monarchy system has no real impact on the United States nor the rest of the world for that matter, but is just a symbolic, albeit royal institution. Unfortunately, with the global economic crisis that not only we, but also much of Europe is experiencing, the cost of maintaining the monarchy is probably not justified.

  • No, not really

    As a Briton, the royal family provide us a head of state that isn't politically motivated and doesn't change every decade. You talk of the costs of the monarchy, but they actually provide more revenue through tourism (and more importantly trade links) than their expenditure. All head of states require public funding (who do you think pays for the fuel in the President's jet?). It's not some backwards nod at 'divine right' and 'anointed leaders', just a proud traditional system that has actually been democratic long before the U.S even existed (since 1688).

  • Britain without the Queen?

    The Queen and the hole royal family has there own economy. They earn around 300 million punds a year and give 85% of this to the state. Many tourist in London are there to visit the Queen. In addition sheis part of british history and the Queen is the first thing I connect with Britain. A monarchy is something special and part of the culture. A world without the royal family... How it would be? I'm convinced that we willlose something!

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