Should the British nations separate from the United Kingdom and form independent countries?

Asked by: LilBabyJesus
  • Independence for All!

    The United Kingdom is an outdated concept. All of the nations would survive on their own, except possibly Cornwall, and this would establish that the English do not rule over all of Britannia. There is no need for such obvious imperialism within the British Isles. I am in no way promoting nationalism, just the downfall of modern imperialism.

  • England should stay as a part of the UK

    England should stay as a part of the UK, Because we as a country only benefits from the Union.
    There is a lot of advantages for England. England Is the ruling nation in the United Kingdom, the parliament and government is in London.

    They can therefore use materials from the other countries. For example Scotlands Oil fields in the North Sea.

  • A country can only benefit from independence.

    There are no sound arguments as to why the UK should remain a sovereign nation. Each country that makes up the United Kingdom would benefit from independence as this would give each government more power, and thus better equipped to provide for their citizens compared to a centralized government with devolved fiscal and legal powers. Large governments and sovereign states destroy economies and thus the livelihood of their inhabitants.

  • I'd say to the English go back to Denmark or Sweden where you came from

    Nah, just kidding, but it's time English, KKK rule ended. The oppression at the hands of the English went on for far too long now. It's about time that they let go of Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It isn't their land to begin with. Get out of Scotland, Wales and Ireland already. I'd say the same about Denmark getting out of Greenland too.

  • Yes independence from the lion

    The era of common wealths and colonies are over. The era of unfair rule and slavery are over. England has oppressed her Kingdom for too long. Scotland, Wales, and northern ireland should either be given or take thier freedom. Scotland luckily is being given a vote for independence and from what ive seen YES is an affirmative. But the rest of the population who dont reside in England should be united in the movement of Freedom for their country men

  • Atleast 60 percent of Wales don't even want a referendum

    While I think each nation should want to have their own country because each nation has it's own combination of language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history which generally creates national "togetherness", more incentive to work hard for the good of the country and such- at this point we need to educate everyone on the pros and cons to such a seperation.

  • England should stay as a part of the UK

    England only benefits
    they rule over the other countries bc London
    they can for example take scotlands oil from the North Sea
    They are like the main power
    there has newer been talk about a referendum
    countries like Wales lean up on England
    they need to be a part of it, now where they are leaving the eu

  • I think I'd rather we didn't

    I'm English with 1/4 Welsh and possibly some Irish.
    As a 20 something I've trained my self to be a softwaredev after my undergrad physics degree witch requires constant trading and retraining to have the skills that are needed.
    Jobs aren't very stable nowadays and only seem to be getting less so I don't want to need to worry about getting a work visa If there's job that's right for me in Cardiff or Edinburgh or if the conditions there are such that I'd want to set up a buissness there.

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  • It would be best not to

    Whilst we should never force them to stay against their will and should grant them a referendum when asked, it is overly all not good for them economically. If they stay in the EU then individually it may be the case they have to cough up taxes and more than before. If they don't then they will find trading a lot more difficult and they won't have a strong voice to be heard in the UK, europe, nor world. England also makes a lot in trading and tourism, especially in London and it benefits the whole of the UK not just England. England brings in many tourists which may go on to visit Wales and Scotland and that would be more difficult if there is a separation as there may be tight border control. Also far off families may have less ties if that happens. Also Scotland needs the British navy to help defend it's northern sea from threats including military whilst a united UK will prevent outer sea territorial disputes against England, Scotland, Wales, and NI for oil drilling. Wales needs the navy and army to protect it's borders as well. Scotland has contributed greatly to inventions and SAS through the years and it will be bad to lose them for the rest of the UK.

    Wales have some great football teams. It's worth bearing in mind that welsh football may suffer if it leaves the Premier League as those clubs will receive less funding and may become part of a subpar league like Scotland's league. If they carry on as they are then welsh clubs like Swansea may get champions league football with the funding they receive from the English Premier League it will greatly help them achieve that ambition.

  • No industry, EU, trading. Any reason for a separate country is just patriotism !! Uneconomical

    Some of the British nations don't have any industry so wouldn't survive as their main source of goods is imports. A country that has no functioning industry wouldn't be able to be economically viable. The other question is would they join the EU? If not their trading taxes will increase drastically on a whole this is an uneconomical option. The countries must stay together in the UK. A prime example would be the Northern Ireland situation and the Population with a republicanism mindset wanting to be a Free Ireland away from British rule. It's not economically viable to even think about it as you can see the Republic of Ireland is struggling as it is. Things like free health care and a functioning Government wouldn't be acceptable in a newly founded country. If anyone argues against this its just that they're are being patriotic towards their country and their ideologies, or have something against the current government in place, in which case they need to vote a new party in just.

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