• Universities Thrive on Tuition, Donations

    Universities make money due to tuition and donations. Capital improvements and operating budgets can come from taxpayer-supported initiatives. I'm all for education and getting ahead, but taxpayers need to be on the hook for less money as universities need to streamline their operations to save money. Budgets should be cut within reason.

  • save taxpayer money

    As states prepare their budgets for the coming year, they face the challenge of reinvesting in public higher education systems after years of damaging cuts the product of both the economic downturn and states’ reluctance to raise additional revenues. In the past five years, state cuts to higher education funding have been severe and almost universal.

  • No, education is important.

    There is no way the budget of a university should be cut if it is used appropriately and accurately of the education of our students. Being a student myself, one cannot possibly tell me that cutting the budget of a university is good when all you want is what you pay for.

  • Taxpayers should pay more, not less.

    Student loan debt is one of the most crippling problems of current students, recent graduates and even some not so recent graduates. Public institutions are intended to increase access and make a quality education available based on academic ability rather than the ability to pay. This is becoming less and less the case. Both those who struggle with the bills after they leave and those who choose not to go to college altogether are hurting the economy in a significant way. They need relief and affordability.

  • No, university budgets should not be slashed.

    No, universities should not experience budget cuts to save taxpayer money. In many cities, the universities employ a good chunk of the population. To cut the budget would mean that residents would lose jobs. Taxpayers would then have to pay for unemployment benefits and Medicaid to support those unemployed workers. Cutting the budgets of universities would not save any taxpayer money in the long run.

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