Should the bullies of victims that commit suicide be charged with murder/manslaughter

  • Individual Decision? Total BS!

    A lot of you have said that suicide is individual, Seriously? Wake up people! Suicide is NOT a Simple act of individuality its ALWAYS Caused by someone or something. The person who actually commits it should go to Jail a Good amount of time. You are not ALWAYS responsible for your own actions, You can get influenced by the Bully to kill yourself, The Bully had involvement in the suicide technically speaking, therefore the bully should be charge IF and Only IF he/she deliberately or doesn't even try at all to get someone to commit suicide SHOULD be charged with both cases.

  • Yes, Manslaughter sounds fair

    I wouldn't support a murder charge for bullying resulting in suicide, but manslaughter? Absolutely. When you decide to make it your personal goal to make another human being as frightened and miserable as possible and that person turns to death as their only perceived escape from your torment you are NOT innocent in their demise. You owe an immense debt to them and their family and you should be punished. An apology just ain't gonna cut it. The fact that you did not yourself directly take them out of the world protects you from a charge of murder, but you deserve legal condemnation and punishment. The affects of your actions will last a lifetime for the survivors and your life should likewise be hindered.

  • Even a charge of manslaughter won't bring them back.

    Although I understand the points of the no side, I do think that they should be charged with involuntary manslaughter. To be charged with this you must fulfill three criteria. Number 1. The person must have been killed as an act of the defendant. This criteria is fulfilled as the reason that the person was killed was as a result of the bullies. The second criteria reads The act either was inherently dangerous to others or done with reckless disregard for human life. This criteria has also been ticked as there are previous cases of people committing suicide because of bullying, and the bullying must have been at such a horrendous level to cause them to take their own life. This is clearly a a disregard of human life. The third criteria reads The defendant knew or should have known his or her conduct was a threat to the lives of others. This is where it gets interesting. You could argue that most children are not capable of understanding how their actions could affect others but I think that because people have already taken their own lives as a result of bullying there is a strong possibility that people are aware that their actions could result in death. This is why I think they should be charged with involuntary manslaughter.

  • Yes I think teachers should too

    I was bullied all through school, And the teachers just sat there and did nothing, Or joined in and laughed. How about instead of pointing fingers we need to start realizing if where not stopping it when we see it we are a part of it too. If you are over the age 18 and you see it you need to stop it, Don't join in with more rude comments. What about the bus driver they here a lot just sitting there and do nothing, I know you could hear, When i would sit in the front seat. Maybe we should all be charged with manslaughter know one does anything to help the situation. Better yet when the kid starts missing school because they don't want to be bullied we should start charging them. Don't ask qeustions.

  • Bullying can lead to a state of duress.

    It goes against nature and the instinctive fight to survive when a person commits suicide. To me, it's plain to see and should be obvious to all that when one takes their own life, they are not in a state of mind where reasoning thoughts can prevail. Duress can be caused by many things including bullying. Pain, both physical and mental, can bring a person to their knees. This is a fact that everyone should be taught.

  • Of course they should!

    I see a lot of the "no's" I other people's arguments, saying that the victim should've gotten help or it was their decision to end their lives, but I live by the saying "look through their eyes". Most drug\alcohol addicts, sexual/physical/verbal abuse victims, etc, started their suicidal thoughts from a person, who many times may've said for them to die, and even though many try to encourage them to seek help, they feel as if it'd be pointless, and make the choice to what seems to be a "put out of their misery" comfort, like a hurt, lonely pet in a shelter. Are they stupid too?

  • Absolutely positively Yes!

    Involuntary manslaughter is fair game. It is very similar to circumstances where physical assault intended to hurt someone but not kill him/her but if that person dies it is considered involuntary manslaughter if the assault (that was not intended to kill) is proven to be the cause of death.

    It should be the same when it comes to bullying which is a form of mental assault. If your mental assault is proven to be the cause of the death it should indeed be seen as an involuntary manslaughter.

  • Yes they should!

    When a person commits, or attempts suicide, they are almost ALWAYS influenced by someone or something. And if if that someone influences them, then ultimately it is their fault that this person died. They may not have intentionally meant it, but that is then manslaughter. If they meant it jokingly, know that it isn't always taken as a joke, they might be suffering and that the bully just pushed them off the edge by assuring them that they aren't wanted or needed here.

  • Intentional/Unintentional Homicide from Abuse

    Why I think so: Physical or Mental abuse contributing to a suicide is done on the behalf of the suspect as a way of intentionally hurting the victim, thus causing much emotional distress from them and leading to take their own life/lives as a result of being bullied. Death is done because of the person who has caused this intended to bring misery to the victim. The victim's suicide is really more of a homicide done by the suspect. A life has been taken away due to the nature of the person bringing pain and misery. Therefore, a victim's suicide from bullying should result in the perpetrator being charged with homicide/manslaughter.

  • They will never learn...

    Charging the bullies with manslaughter/murder is the absolute appropriate thing to do. No one deserves to be harassed to the point of taking their life. If extreme measures are not taken then the bullies will find other victims. Children as young as 7 are killing themselves because of bullying and some people think there should not be consequences? That's ridiculous. For people that don't support the charge..They'd most definitely feel different if they had to experience the death of a child due to harassment. Those people are the enablers of these bullies. If it were up to me I'd send the bullies to prison for life. Sounds fair..A life for a life. Let these kids know that they will face serious consequences for their actions. That's the only way to get a handle on this situation.

  • Not at all.

    Bullying is a horrible thing to do to someone else, but suicide is a choice made by an individual. In the same way that the spouse should not be punished for the suicide of a recently divorced person, a bully should not be charged with murder/manslaughter. Of course, the bully should be punished, but only for their actions, not those of the victim.

  • Suicide is a personal action

    If a person commits suicide they have CHOSEN to do so. Outside influences may have led them to that decision but, they are not responsible for the decision. If someone commits suicide because their wife divorced them should the wife be responsible, or because they were fired, is the employer responsible? No.

  • No they should not be convicted of murder!

    Should the bullies be convicted for manslaughter? No! There can be cases where the "victim" commits suicide on purpose just to screw up the life of the other innocent person. If Is not the case and they where being bullied I still believe they should not be convicted of murder. I believe this because they where stupid enough to actually do it(kill themselves).

  • The bully doesn't control the victim's actions

    A bully can hurt someone but in all honesty, why doesn't the victim either get help or resolve the situation. There will always be a way to fix a situation. The bully didn't pull the trigger to end the victim's life, did they? I understand that suicide feels like the only way out but it isn't and that bully should never be charged with murder/manslaughter because they themselves didn't kill the victim. The victim them self-killed themselves which is suicide.

  • No they shouldn't

    Suicide is when someone kill their self bullies shouldn't have to be charge with murder or manslaughter because the bully didn't take their life the person who killed their self took their own life suicide do means to kill yourself so it's only fair for the bully not to get charge with murder

  • Too difficult to prove responsiblity

    I agree with the above opinions stating that it is the individual's choice. I would also like to add that it would be difficult to prove the proportion of responsibility that the bully had in contributing to the suicide. You cannot rule out any underlying vulnerability the victim may have had or other contributing factors. However, I do agree that some form of punishment is merited in some circumstances particularly if the bully significantly decreased the quality of life of the victim or expressed any kind of incentive to end their life. Perhaps an alternative punishment could be an intensive schooling on appropriate behaviour...With homework.

  • Suicide is an individual decision

    Although there can be many factors involved in a person's decision to commit suicide, ultimately the only person responsible for the actual "act" is the individual. Suicide is a choice. At the end of the day, you are responsible for how you react to your environment. You are responsible for your own actions, decisions, and feelings.

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