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    Posted by: j332
  • D Rose will be Elite

    The Bulls should keep D Rose because he still is clutch, explosive, and a great facilitator. Injuries have weighed him down, but he's learned to pay more attention to his body. Now that he's healthy, the Bulls have a legitimate chance to get to the Finals. Besides, even when he's not 100%, he's a better alternative to an average, no-more-no-less point guard that many teams in the league have today.

  • Give him the chance to be great again

    I think they should keep Derrick Rose because even though his injury was severe, he was once a great player and can be again. He may just need a chance to prove himself, and rebuild the confidence that he once had. He was named MVP for a reason, and if he is willing to rehab and make sure he is healthy, there is no reason he can not be great again.

  • Yes, the Bulls Derrick Rose is improvong in his performance

    Yes, the Bulls should keep Derrick Rose as point guard. He will have better outcomes in his performance as his condition improves. Rose has had an illustrious career with a great record. Despite the controversy in his personal life, and various health issues to deal with, he should not be pressured into being traded.His team should let him decide if he wants to stay or retire.

  • Trading Team Members

    I don't know much about trading team members on sports teams. The word "keep" implies there are a reasons he should go, either he's bad or there is much to be gained by trading him. Since we tend to opperate as capitalists, then why wouldn't we trade away a person for the betterment of the team? What's the point in considering anything if its just standard practice? Would the team be better off without him? Trade him. Would the team suffer permanently if he was gone? Don't!

  • The Bulls should keep D. Rose

    I believe the Bulls should keep Derrick Rose because he is a strong team player. While there is room for improvement in his defensive playing, he's clutch when it comes to assists. Rose also has an 82-percent free throw rate. His recent injury (an orbital fracture) has given him six weeks worth of rest and recuperation; the Bulls should put their refreshed player to work.

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