Should the Bush administration be prosecuted for the war in Iraq?

  • of course, it's the law!

    They lied, broke the law, hundreds of thousands of people died, the country is bankrupt, the constitution is shredded....What else do we need to know? These guys are complete crooks, prohibited from international travel for fear of arrest, living with absolute impunity. It would also be a great way to teach the idiot republican party a lesson in selective outrage and selective adherence to the law.

  • Yes they should.

    I think that the United States of America would do itself a huge favor if it were to go after the Bush administration for what it did to lie to us about the reasons for starting a war in Iraq. Thousands of Americans have died for a fake war, and someone must pay.

  • Yes, the Bush administration should be prosecuted for the war in Iraq.

    Yes, I believe that the Bush administration should be prosecuted for the war in Iraq. Although normally I think certain aspects of the Presidency should allow the President to act according to what is necessary to get the job done, even if some of these actions could be borderline illegal, in the case of Bush and the war in Iraq, there were too many transgressions and we cannot hold our President to such a low standard. It is common knowledge by now that Bush profited both financially and socially by the war in Iraq. A President of the United States should behave unimpeachablely and such low actions deserve punishment.

  • It's too late.

    I don't think that there really is any chance of success if someone were to decide to prosecute the Bush administration for the war in Iraq. Too much time has gone by, and there really isn't enough evidence to go on in order to hope to conduct a successful prosecution.

  • I do not think so!

    What evidence do we have that shows that President Bush was in the wrong for starting the War in Iraq? All the administration has to say is that felt that Sudan Hussein was involved in posterior activity that was associated with September eleventh. I feel that we should go after high officials who we can prove did something wrong.

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