Should the Calgary Flames have traded Jarome Iginla to the Penguins?

  • Yes, it makes An American team better.

    I think it is a good trade because it takes a star player from Calgary, and puts him on an American team. Hopefully, this will mean the Stanley Cup will stay on American soil. That's if the L.A. Kings can't pull off a repeat. My answer is a little biased, but I am sure many Canadians would of felt the same way if the Penguins would of traded Sidney Crosby to the Flames.

  • Yes, they should have.

    In my opinion the Calgary Flames were right to trade Jarome Iginla to the Penguins. They are professionals who have much more info then us as viewers are given. Many factors and pro's to con's were most likely taken into consideration before they made the final decision. We should support these people who work hard to get the best teams.

  • Yes they should because it was actually his choice.

    Speaking as an absolutely livid Bruins fan, while the decision pisses me off to no end it was the right one to make. Iginla gave enough to the Calagary franchise to earn the right to go where he truly wanted to be, and that was with the Penguins. Look forward to seeing Thornton punch his teeth into the 10th row on April 19th.

  • Should have stayed.

    When you become the greatest payer in franchise history and the most beloved player in the team's history after 17 years with one team, it becomes more than just a simple trade. A special bond is formed between that player and the city. It's a unique relationship and one that is too big to destroy. Iginla should have remained a Flame. It meant more to me to see him retire as one team player, even without a Cup. A Cup elsewhere doesn't seem to make any sense.

  • It was a bad choice to trade Iginla.

    Quite frankly my friends, am nothing short of shocked that the Calgary Flames decided to trade their star player to the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was an amazing player that gave Calgary much of their talent and allowed them to go far in the playoffs. Now he is gone to play with Sidney.

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