Should the Canadian government change its immigration policy?

  • Immigration is unsustainable at this speed and scale.

    I live in Vancouver and have seen first hand how unprecedented MASS immigration has broken down the community--both socially and culturally--and have disadvantaged existing Canadian families. Most are not against immigration per se--they are against this recent policy of MASS immigration which brings with it many problems both socially, culturally, and economically. Young Canadians are now having to compete with a revolving door of immigrants for access to public services, for housing, for jobs at all levels, and at this speed it is leading to a housing bubble where my siblings and I find it impossible to envision how we will afford to buy a house and raise a family. Politicians cite the economic benefits and the need to import population growth given low birth rates, but this model is self-reinforcing, given that new immigrants will presumably match the low birth rates of Canadians in the future, thus requiring mass immigration indefinitely. This is UNSUSTAINABLE. Let market forces provide incentives for locals to have more children, by locals responding to deflation, greater availability (cheaper) housing and deciding that they can therefore afford to have another child or can plan for that big family they'd like. Women are having children later, due in part to their educational and career aspirations and changing social norms and family structures, but they DO desire to have a family if it is affordable. On the social and cultural side, entire cities have been transformed and segregated along racial and cultural lines. Richmond over the span of 15 years is overwhelmingly Chinese, with signage in Mandarin which prevents new-comers from learning English and integrating into our communities. Burnaby is predominantly Chinese as well. Surrey is predominately Indian. Not only does this create segregation and undesirable parallel communities, but Canadian values are quickly being lost to third-world values brought over here and harbored within these untouched communities. If there isn't integration and assimilation between Canadian and new-comers, there isn't cohesion. This has already become a problem over the span of the last 15 years, what will it look like in another 15? It will be a HUGE problem. When this happens, racial and cultural tension starts bubbling to the surface. Because PC Liberals are quick to throw the label "racist" or "xenophobic" to anyone who raise these concerns or who questions this harmful policy of MASS immigration or points to any of the arguments in favour of slowing immigration down to more sustainable levels, many Canadians pretend to be okay with "multiculturalism" or hide their true feelings of how their communities are being changed for the worse. This will only last so long until enough people break the judgement barrier of the "white racist", and then we are in for radical reform. Best to avoid the inevitable future conflict, and to consider the needs of ALL Canadians, not just new ones.

  • The Canadian government should change its immigration policy.

    The Canadian government should be more welcoming to foreigners who want to become citizens. Canada is not a very populous country, and many Canadians are ex-patriots living in America. Canada would be a much stronger country if it had more people. Its economy would benefit from a larger work force.

  • No, Canada is safe as it is.

    No, the Canadian government should not change its immigration policy, because Canada appears to be a safe nation. I don't ever recall hearing about a terrorist incident in Canada. Canada also does not have the problem with illegal immigration that America seems to have. Canada shouldn't fix what isn't broke. Their system is good as it is.

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