• It's disgusting and useless, simple as that

    Why do we feel the need to slaughter and brutally butcher these innocent creatures. People just don't understand the importance of life. If i had to chose between killing a human or killing a seal, i would gladly kill a human. Humans have no positive effect on this world. The only thing we do are destroy and kill. The seal population has drastically decreased, and for what? Do we really need coats made of seal pelts? THE ANSWER IS NO, NO WE DON'T. There's no point in killing innocent creatures for their pelts when we have cotton and many other isolating materials. If anything seals are more important than almost any human. Seals are a part of nature and don't effect anything, where as humans have done nothing to this world but destroy it. I don't care what you soulless people think about me, because ill gladly give your life up for another animals life if i had the power. In fact if i had the power to, i would murder every single human on this earth and only leave the animals.

  • Of course it should be banned.

    Each year, the government allows hunters to kill thousands of baby seals. During slaughters, seals are shot or repeatedly clubbed, and drag the seals (who are often conscious) across ice with boat hooks. Baby seals (3 months or younger) are helpless to defend themselves. Many have not even learned how to swim or have eaten their first solid meal. A Washington Post article described this as "A seal appearing to gasp for air, blood running from its nose as it lies on an ice floe. Not far away, a sealer sharpens his knife blade. The seal seems to be thrashing as its fur is sliced from its torso." Veterinarians that have invested the slaughter have found that hunters fail to meet with Canada's animal welfare standards. The sealing industry claims they kill more seals because of an increased demand of fur. Now, if you're wearing fur, you're responsible for creating a demand for it. Many countries (like the US) have banned killing seals for fur, but not Canada.
    Fur is not necessary for us to survive. We can make-do with other materials for clothing.

  • Painless, sustainable, and traditional.

    Every country in the world kills animals for food and other purposes. Why should Canada be prohibited from harvesting their own native wildlife? There are so many seals out there, that the numbers hunted are irrelevant in terms of conservation. The hakapik or rifle, when aimed properly is very reliable at killing the animal quickly and humanely. Is it because seals are cuter than cows? Is that why slaughterhouses are acceptable but seal hunting is not?

  • To quote Sheldon Cooper's mom "You don't hunt, do you?"

    Sometimes you can't trust the press. The hakapik used by sealers is a club designed to quickly crush a seal's skull, and losing you're brain is fatal unless you're a sea-squirt. If you are close enough to club a seal, most guns wouldn't need more than one shot to the head to be lethal. And the "thrashing" to which you refer was most likely caused by the seal's blubber (a thick layer of fat). When something siting on almost an inch of fat, it won't stay still when you cut it in a sawing motion. The dead seal is cut from the chin to the tail alien the stomach, and then around the extremities, the fat is cut from the meat and the scraped of of the pelt. I fail to se how precise cuts like that can be made on a flailing, biting, angry generally pissed-off seal. Besides, think about all the meat that that could bring in! All natural, nutritious meat, that can be used to help homeless and struggling people. A pup is too small to be used to make even a pair of gloves, have you been one? A young seal is barely of use.

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