• I feel no sympathy for them.

    People make choices in life, and if a person has chosen to forfeit their life by taking others, so be it. The government has the right to take lives when necessary, and so far has shown proper discretion when taking lives. So no, I do not feel that there is anything cruel or unusual about a man being electrocuted for murdering several people. He has made the choice to meet his maker early, the government is only the tool that is used.

  • Yes, but not in ways that could be considered torture.

    The capitol punishment is not something that is used for a misdemeanor. It wouldn't be like somebody being killed for larceny. If someone commits murder, rape, or some other terrible crime, on their own accord, would it be wrong? Besides, many consider life in prison a worse punishment than death.

  • Legal where allowed. But method should be as humane and as quick as possible.

    There are strong reasons for and against. The crime and its nature must be considered and absolute guilt of defendant determined.

    Methods such as electrocution, gas chamber, firing squad and hanging all have there issues and difficulties. Electrocution often does not kill on first surge. Sometimes even on the second. Gas chamber violently suffocates often over minutes. Hanging without drop is inhumane and obviously very uncomfortable. Drop hanging breaks neck immediately but consciousness can exist for minutes and pain from this and subsequent cardiac arrest may be felt. On the other hand the guillotine is fast, although messy, but pain and consciousness reduced considerably.

    I'm undecided.

  • No, The capitol punishment should not be legal.

    The reason capitol punishment should not be legal is simply because there is always a chance the right person was not convicted for any crime. If new evidence comes out later after that person has been executed then if they have been in jail they can be released after there is enough evidence to believe they are innocent.

  • No not at all

    We are treating people like shit really and there has been people killed and then they figure out oh man he didn't commit the crime and all the methods are cruel and unusual under the constitution and really angers me in many ways. Its like hell on earth which sucks.

  • I agree with SocialDemocrat

    There can always be chances that the person convicted never realy committed the crime and years later new evidence comes out turns out he didn't commit the crime but now what they just killed an innocent man which kind of makes them the crime committers but if he/she was in jail they could release him/her and he/she would be free again.

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