• Gender Equality

    Women can do anything that men can, if not better. I don't see the problem, women are highly intelligent, are better at dealing with emotion, and are experiences with dealing with the issues of society and feelings. Gender Equality should affect every job base, and every profession. Anything men can do should be available for women to do as well.

  • Women should become priests if they want to.

    You can't choose if you want to be male or female, just like you can't choose your parents. It just happens, and it is something you have to accept, because it is down to the chromosomes you have. If you are not allowed to love or preach about God, because you are of the wrong sex, then the world is still in a time of sexism and prejudice. We still haven't moved forward.

  • It's 2013, people!

    Of course women should be allowed to be priests! If our government, or any other institution, discriminated against women in this way, we'd be up in arms, why is the Church any different? When Mary went back to the tomb and found that Jesus has been resurrected, He told her to go and tell the others the good news. Let me point that out again: Jesus had a WOMAN go and tell the others about the single biggest event in Christianity! In fact, it's THE event that makes Christianity, Christianity! Also, it just makes sense to allow women to be priests, isn't there a shortage that the Vatican is worried about? Here's an idea: stop neglecting 50% of the congregation! It's not rocket science. I, personally, will not come back to the Church until women are treated equally within it.

  • Equality, intelligence, education, aptitude in teaching, compassion, patience and tolerance. I have found these qualities in women.

    There is no reason to refuse women who want to give their life to priesthood. Jesus lived in a time where women had absolutely no recognition and equality with men. They were the servants even as mothers and companions. We have them now going to the same schools as men, and even in the military and in government.
    There is only sexism, and fear of women potential for success in areas men have secured for themselves, as reasons to bar them from priesthood.

  • We are all equal.

    Men priests are a tradition from the times when women were seen as less then equal.We are now in a state of mind that has changed the culture has changed and the church is a living organization and should respond to the changes in society. I believe that the spirit will guide the church in the proper direction.

  • Sexism is discrimination. There should be equality for women and men.

    Women and men are both equal. They should be allowed equal opportunities. Yes, there were 12 disciples and they were all male. But at that time, women were not offered any education so they would not have had much knowledge to pass their teachings on. I do not agree with how some people say that women are more emotional and do not have a "strong sense of commitment and responsibility". That is a prejudice. Even if women were considered more 'emotional' then that should not be a bad thing! A good priest should be understanding and empathetic and this shows to be a priest, you have to be emotional in a way. Right, they should have slightly different roles, but I think to say a woman's role is to look after children and a man's is to work is unfair. This might have been true years ago, but now women have a higher status and deserve more respect. Times have moved on and changed but we should embrace these changes as they are good and without change how will society move on and develop? I say equality for all!

  • There are no reasons other than tradition to deny women ordination.

    And tradition is not a good enough reason, as history shows us, social convention is usually the consequence of what is more adaptive. There was a time where limiting women to childcare was the best way to guarantee the continuation of the species, whilst we formed conventions in this regard, there is not, today, a reason not to allow equality, and in fact, denying equality might make the church an irrational institution, closed to the real world.

  • Equality for all!

    Women should be treated equally in the Roman Catholic Church. The Church is being prejudiced and is being discriminatory towards them. If men can be priests why cant women? Scrap tradition, this is a new, modern era. The Roman Catholic Church needs to change, and it needs to change now!

  • Everyone is equal

    I believe that the church is being sexist when they don't let women be priests. Jesus said that it doesn't matter what your age, race, or gender is. Everyone is the same! Just because you're a man, it doesn't mean that you can preach better than women can. Power to the women!!

  • I say yes!

    I believe that women should be able to be priests as Jesus never specifically said that women should not be priests, although he did choose only men as his 12 apostles. We should all be treated equally and not differently. Although you may think men are strong, woman are wise and also know a lot.

  • We need same sex marriages first.

    Although it is the modern times of the church, we can't accept female priests unless we accept homosexual relationships and matrimony in the Catholic Church.
    I personally don't believe that women can be priests because it's not what the bible and past history has shown us. In the bible, men go out and work and preach, whilst women stay home, care for the children and house.

  • NO!

    Alright, I've finally dug up the relevant references. The Catholic Church should not accept women into the priesthood because it cannot. The Code of Canon Law §1024 reads "A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly.". Additionally, Blessed John Paul II himself said "I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful.". I highly doubt that anyone answering 'yes' is a Catholic in good standing (probably none of them are Catholics at all), and I maintain that the only valid answer to this question is 'no'.

  • Accept our Religion

    Don't ask this question (you blasphemous wenches), read the Bible. It is explicit within that time that women are to be silent. So state the question clearly. "Should women REVISE the tenants of ALL Christianity to make it gender neutral?" Should religions be subject to forced provisioning or re-writes to make them politically correct? Myself, I am an atheist because the universe does not need magical deities to exist, humanity is not that important. I would suggest that people who don't like a religion, simply leave it. This is another example of female entitlement, get some boundaries ladies.

  • No, just no.

    Because the Catholic Church has a record of Sacred Tradition that must be safeguarded. We as a Church need to respect our legacy and continue to preserve it in the future, regardless of a small faction of women who think that they feel the call. That call is false, and only men should be accepted to the Priesthood.

  • Wrong matter being used

    A man may want to carry a child and become a mother but it can never happen naturally because it is not how he is designed by God. Or a priest could never use a apple to confect the Eucharist it is not the correct matter and form being used. Men and women are different with different roles not that one is greater or lesser just different. Why do we take difference as a bad thing?

  • Catholic Church should not accept women into priesthood because it is not permitted by Jesus nor their customs.

    From early time of Catholics it is decided by Jesus not to select women as priest. Even in bible the god of Israelis selected men as priest at very early stage.
    Even Jesus could have selected women as his disciple and given them the permission of priesthood. But he didn't, So god did not wanted that.
    Catholic Church has tradition of centuries,A path drawn by god,better not to cross it till he says so.

    Posted by: bambinaio
  • Confusingly, no.

    I am a woman in all accounts, and honestly it surprises me I don't have my reservation on this, but, no women shouldn't. It is not our responsibility or role in the Catholic church to be. We can be Nuns, but no other role, besides a Volunteer in the church. And to reply to katieeduddeee, priests are celibate for a reason! They are married to the Holy Church and to God, not a wench of the soil!

  • I've been to churches where women were allowed to preach.... it doesn't work.

    Women were allowed to preach but they could preach. These women would verbally abuse women they didn't like with their position. I and many other girls my age can say that priesthood has never called to us. Women can participate more these days in church so I'm wondering why this argument is still going on. I don't see how it would benefit the church at all either. A man preaching vs a woman preaching I dont see what good that will do. Women can molest children too? What next letting priests marry?

  • Christians follow the teachings of Christ.

    Firstly, Christ had many disciples during his lifetime, including many women, but when it came time to choose his twelve apostles, he chose only men. Christians follow the teachings of Christ.

    Secondly, the role of bishop requires a strong sense of commitment and responsibility. A woman priest may have to take maternity leave and would cause the disruption of a clearly working schedule. The fact that God has given us all different bodies and different roles according to this may mean that certain things are not intended for the opposite gender and this is why female priests are not allowed.

    Thirdly, men and women are indeed created equal, but with different roles. They are equal in the sense that man and woman are both created in God's image and likeness, but they have different roles to play and work to fulfill. For example, in the Bible it shown that a man is to go out and work to provide for his family while the women stay at home. The same concept goes with the priesthood.

  • No.

    When Jesus chose his twelve apostles, he never chose a woman. Yet in Catholic religion, Jesus' mother the Virgin Mary is greater than all the apostles, or any other pope, priest or saint.

    The Catholic Church does not take in women to the priesthood because she is faithful to the 2000 year old tradition. This does not mean the Church discriminates women. Men and women are indeed created equal, but with different roles. They are equal in the sense that man and woman are both created in God's image and likeness, but they have different roles to play and work to fulfill. For example, a man cannot be pregnant, but a woman can. The same concept goes with the priesthood.

    Just because the Catholic Hierarchy is composed of males only does not mean women have no place within the Church. We are all members of one body. Women may not be called to the priesthood, but there are other vocations out there. There are nuns, sisters and monks. Even married women are held of great importance within the Church. Actually, the priestly vocation is coequal to all the other vocations. It just depends on where God calls you.

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Anonymous says2013-03-17T23:02:47.927

How does the Catholic Church define sexual identity?  Is it through physiological, bio-chemical, psychological, or some other criteria?  Is it, for example, through primary sexual characteristics, sexual hormone distribution, or feeling of adherence to one group or another that effects one to be a male or a female? 
How is this relevant to valid ordination of priests?  Is it possible then that there has been a bishop somewhere in the two-thousand year history of the Church who's ordination was invalid due to identity defects, and thus the 'chain' of valid transmission of authority had been irrevocably broken?